FabTekTastic Server 1 Incident

As you may know, over the last week, if you tried accessing any of the sites on the FabTekTastic Server 1 (which is pretty much all of them at the moment) you would have been given a message saying, “This Account Has Been Suspended” as screen-shotted bellow.

What every site on the FTT Server 1 looked like for a week

What every site on the FTT Server 1 looked like for a week

This problem was first reported by @MelissaAmbrose_ (my best friend) and later spotted that day by me when I went to make a blog post last Friday, about the building of my new computer. After seeing the message and reading “contact the billing/support department” I presumed that I must have not paid my invoice for the next year. However, I was soon to discover that this may not have been the case. I logged into the Billing System for my host and hunted for an unpaid invoice; after rummaging around all over the billing system, it would have appeared that there was no invoice to pay and that the account was still active. Despite this, I was still pretty sure it was due to an unpaid bill so I did as the message said and contact the Billing Department for my host asking how to pay my invoice.

After 2 days (on Monday which was the next working day for the Billing Department) I got a response. In that response I was told that my account had not been suspended due to an unpaid invoice but due to a breech in the TOS! I was shocked and outraged by this as I have fully read the TOS and under my knowledge I had not broken any of the rules! I contacted them back trying to explain any misconception that they may have gained from the content of any of my sites or any of the files stored on my server and then requested some information on what files were the cause of the suspension.

When they replied to this everything was explained! There had been a big and quit stupid mistake made. My account was holding back-ups of the server itself that the cPanel had created. Had they just told me I would have happily removed them, which is what I am currently in the process of doing at the moment! I am downloading each of the back-ups (totalling about 40GB) to my computer and will then delete them from the server!

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