Setting Up

I am currently in the process of setting up my blog! I have implemented a theme which I like and hope you all like it too. Please leave me some feedback in the comments bellow, any feedback will be much appreciated!

I have also just finished setting up the Google Analytics for this site along with META tags for description and keywords which will hopefully help with SEO. I will need to modify the description and keywords further in the future as I really did a quick job of them both and I have to actually get this site listed in search engines.

Currently the theme in use is 800 pixels wide but this can be modified to 1024 pixels! I may run a poll or analyse the sites visitors to work out what would be best! At the moment 800 pixels is sufficient but if I actually start posting longer blogs, it may be nice to have a wider area!

I am now going to look into what cool plugins area available and post soon!

[cb type=”product”]WordPress[/cb]

[cb type=”product”]Google Analytics[/cb]

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