Sort Your Gmail using Filters

I know I have been saying that this blog post has been coming for quite some time but it is finally here! This is my first Tutorial on this Blog and it will show how to use filters in Gmail. I thought that I would do it on something basic just to see how to lay it out and just to get used to it!

This tutorial will explain to you how to keep on top of your Gmail account by automatically applying filtering to new and existing mail! By the end of this you will be able to set up filter and automatically perform tasks to your mail like adding Labels, Auto Archiving and marking emails as read!

  1. To start with, log into your Gmail account then click “Settings” in the top right.

    Click settings

    Click "Settings"

  2. In your settings go to the “Filters” page.

    Click "Filters"

    Click "Filters"

  3. At the bottom of the “Filters” page you will find a link saying, “Create a new filter”. Click that.

    Click "Create a new filter"

    Click "Create a new filter"

  4. You will then be prompted to provide the criteria of your filter. This works exactly like an search, if the mail fits the criteria of the search then it will have the actions selected in the next step applied to it! In this example I will show you how I would set up a filter for emails coming from the FeedBurner for this blog. I know that all of these emails will come from the email address, and no other emails will be coming from that. If, for example, emails other than feeds came from the same email address I would set a more detailed fill in a more detailed filter. Once you have completed your criteria you can click, “Next Step >>”

    Set up your criteria, then click "Next Step >>"

    Set up your criteria, then click "Next Step >>"

  5. After doing that you need to set the actions you want to have applied to messages that fit the criteria.
    Set the actions of your filter

    Set the actions of your filter

    • Skip the Inbox (Archive It) – This is pretty self-explanatory; if this is ticked then rather than the message arriving in the Inbox it will be Archived.
    • Mark as Read – This auotmatically marks the email as read, even before you have actually read it. This is good if you want to receive the email but wont always read it and don’t want to go to the effort of reading all of the emails you receive. I usually use this in conjunction with “Skip the Inbox (Archive It)” and “Apply the Label” so that they are out of my way but can be quickly found using the label.
    • Star it – This adds a star to the email and puts it in your starred items.
    • Apply the Label: – This adds the selected Label to the filtered messages.
    • Forward it to: – This forwards all messages that fit the criteria to the email address entered into the text area.
    • Delete it – I don’t recommend ever doing this but it will automatically delete items that arrive! I believe it will place it in the Deleted Items for 30 days but I have NEVER tested this!
    • Never send it to Spam – This ensures that emails fitting the criteria will never end up in your spam box! I always enable this for trusted emails!
    • Also apply filter to – I highly recommend this setting! This means that the rule will be applied to all messages currently found in your account as well as new items! This is good for maintaining consistency and back-dating new filters.
  6. Click create filter and you should receive this confirmation message!

    If you see this then your filter was created successfuly with no problems!

    If you see this then your filter was created successfully with no problems!

I hope this tutorial has been helpful and I will be running some feedback polls to get your…. well…. feedback 😛 You can also leave a comment bellow with your thoughts.

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