Started my New Computer (Day 1) – Case Modding

This is a continuation of “Started my New Computer (Day 1)

When I started working on this, the first thing that had to be done was kind of obvious… You cannot have a glass window without some cold-cathode strips (which I had conveniently bought months ago with the plan of getting a computer with a glass window). I had an assortment of colours but I did not want to pick anything too garish as that was not the look I was going for. Instead I went for a pale purple. It took me a bit of time to work out the best position (especially when my dad did not like my initial idea) but after an hour, I put the strips in the place I had originally planned for them to go! One strip on the top and one on the bottom of the glass side window, hidden behind solid part of the casing. The effect of these, can be seen in the photos which are further down in this blog.

Attaching these lights actually became more of a problem than I expected. The reason it took so long was because my dad said that he thought I should try and attach the lights, inside the case so when the side panel is removed it is not attached to the main computer through a wire leading the PSU. I looked at every conceivable possibility and there was no way of doing it to get the effect I wanted!

The next problem I encountered with the positioning was where to put the inverter. The location of the inverter, to me this was obvious; there was a is a section of the window where it dips in so that a handle could be put on for sliding the panel open and closed. I instinctively went to put this here but once again, my dad made a comment about the location. Don’t get me wrong, my dad’s suggestions were valid but there was no way of logistically being able to fulfil them and they ended up wasting time.

The final problem I had with the cold-cathode lights was how I would attach them and the inverter. The actual strips of cathode came with little bits of double sided sponge on them, but as a soon found out, the glue that was on these bits of sponge was not the best glue. I resolved this issue by simply putting small cuttings of double sided tape on the bit of sponge. Next I had to attach the inverted in its chose place and this was done, once again using double sided tape, however without the aid of the sponge, the inverter would not stick, until my dad came up with a good idea! By using 6 layers of the double sided tape, I was able to create a little cushion/sponge to allow for movement and moulding of the glue around the shape of the inverter!

After I had done this i booted up and watched the lights come on with a small smile on my face. Unfortunately my sister decided to go out with her friends on this Friday night and she also decided to steal my camera so the only 2 photos I could get at the time I took on my phone and uploaded to Yfrog. Here they are:

A quick pic of the computer I am building with the ambient lights on (links to the Yfrog page)
A quick pic of the computer I am building with the ambient lights off
A quick pic of the computer I am building with the ambient lights off (links to the Yfrog page)

My dad gave one last suggestion which I have no idea if it will help at all, but I have still done it because in theory, it kind of makes sense. There are two fans on the back of the computer which were both running in the same direction (dragging air out of the case) but my dad suggested that one should be reversed so there is an inward flow and outward flow.

Phase one of the build – Complete! The next step now was to get the computer to boot.

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