Started my New Computer (Day 1) – Final Modifications

This blog is a continuation of “Started my New Computer (Day 1) – Booting

After all this the install of windows did complete and there was a happy ending to the story. Well that part at least… There is more mayhem to come but I think I will save the crazy antics of Day 2 for another blog post!

You will probably glad to hear that the rest of this story is just about a few more successes I had and about some of the plans for the future :)! This is not one of those sarcastic sentences whereby I am lying to you just so that I can tell you in the next sentence that you would be stupid to believe anything bad was yet to happen. I had done what I wanted to do for Day 1 and so the rest is just other additional bits and bobs which I did to upgrade hardware!

After using the windows XP computer for about an hour (I hadn’t played with Windows XP in so long… well not one that I was an administrator on :P), I looked at the specifications for the computer and thought about what other upgrade I could make. I then remembered about some DDR400 RAM that I had bought about 2 years ago and never used (pretty much still in the packet). I ripped open the computer, checked the specifications of the motherboard and what do you know? Not only would I be increasing the Ram to 2GB but I would also be improving the speed of the RAM. For some reason there was DDR333 RAM installed in a computer that could support up to DDR400? :S

This upgrade was simple and was done quickly enough to a good level of satisfaction! Would have been nice if I had another stick of RAM as the 2x 1GB sticks I put in only filled 2 of the 3 slots. Before any of you smart-arses say, “Why don’t you put in one of those old 256MB modules?” there was a very good reason not to. Not only is 256MB not really worth it but the older modules were DDR333 and since all 3 of the RAM slots where on the same channel that would result in the 2 DDR400 having to run at a 333Mhz bus speed.

The final upgrade I made on day one was replace that old NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 with a nicer (but not amazing by any stretch of the imagination) ATI Radeon 9250!

All that was left to do now was plan what I would do next.

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