Started my New Computer (Day 1)

Last Friday, I started to build my new computer (which if you follow me on twitter, you would know). However, I was not able to write a blog as my hosting account had been suspended (which you would have already known, if you follow me on twitter or tried to get on any of the FTTGroup’s sites which are hosted on Server 1). So I finally bring to you, my most amazing blog about Day 1 on working on my new PC!

To start of with I will explain what I was working with to start off with! I had inherited an old computer from my Aunt. She was no longer using the PC due to issues with overheating and a corrupted OS but knowing that this could be fixed and that some of the hardware that I would get with the PC could be very useful, I happily accepted the computer. The basic spec of the PC to begin with was as follows:

  • An AMD 3000+ Processor (with a poxy looking little heat sync)
  • 120GB Hard Disk Drive
  • 512MB of DDR333 Ram (2x 256MB)
  • An NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 (64-bit, 128MB DDR and a TV out)
  • A Dial-Up Modem (How hi-tech :P)
  • A Corrupted XP Operating System
  • A cheap motherboard and PSU
  • Some basic DVD-Rom drives (Beige)
  • A boring old floppy drive (Beige again)
  • A half decent looking case
  • 2 Tri-Coulor Led Fans

The rest of this blog has now been split into the following sections:

  1. Case Modding
  2. Booting
  3. Final Modifications
  4. What Next?

[cb]AMD[/cb] [cb]NVIDIA[/cb] [cb type=”product”]Windows XP[/cb]

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