5 Google Wave Domains for Sale

I may soon be selling 5 of my Google Wave domains that I have purchased but I first need an appraisal and to work out whether it is worth me keeping them or selling them. If you are interested in any of them, please leave a comment bellow. All the domains would be great for your Google Wave Bots, Extensions, Gadgets and/or Federation Protocol Site!

The domains I might sell are:

  • MyGWave.com – I expect will be the most valuable as it probably has the most wide range of uses and is short and memorable! This could be used for literally any wave app and would be good as some sort of account management site. Considering Google actually own GWave.com I expect that this would be very valuable!
  • WavePing.com – I was very luck with this as there is a feature of Google Wave that I didn’t know about when buying this which is to be able to Ping users. I initially purchased this for a robot idea that I had but this now has more value and uses.
  • TheSocialWave.com – This could also have many uses but was initially purchased as a base for a Federation Protocol version of Google Wave. This was going to be a more social version which has more of an emphasis on the social networking side which would involve making new friends and keeping in touch with old friends.
  • TheWorkingWave.com – Like TheSocialWave.com this could also have many uses but was initially purchased as a base for a Federation Protocol version of Google Wave. This was going to be designed for companies who wanted to ue wave for staff to communicate with eachother without having to set up their own Federation server.
  • TheSameWave.com – This was another site designed for a Google Wave Federation Server that I can now see having many other uses. This was designed (when I bought it) for people trying to meet new wavers. I also had the idea that wave users could set up little profiles which were searchable and/or that a web page that automatically found people who wave about similar things to you could be found.

Please note that the domains are not just limited to the descriptions and if you have any creative ideas of your own that is fantastic; I just gave the descriptions as a aid to helping you see how the domain could be used and why I believe they are valuable.

I don’t know much about the value of domains but I will do my research before selling any of these and I have had people in the past trying to sell me less valuable domains for thousands of dollars so I expect some of those domains might be worth quite a bit 🙂

All of the domains are registered with GoDaddy and I will probably use GoDaddy’s auction service to sell the domains once I have and idea of value and a few offers. I will keep anyone who makes an offer updated on the status of these domains and keep you informed.

As I said, if you are interested or have any idea of the value of these domains, leave a comment!


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