I Want a Blu-Ray Burner That Sucks!

Yes… You heard me correctly! I want a Blu-Ray Burner that sucks!

No… I don’t one that’s is inadequate or objectionable!

I want a Blu-Ray drive that sucks, like how the PS3 one sucks in the Blu-Ray disk and how the Wii sucks in the DVDs! I have a DVD drive that sucks but I now want a Blu-Ray drive that sucks for my new PC! If anyone can help me find one I would really appreciate it!

Here are my requirements:

  • Needs to play and write Blu-Ray Disks with a minimum of Dual Layer burning capabilities
  • Needs to be silver (or have a faceplate that can be changed to silver)
  • Needs to be cheap
  • Needs to be of the standard 5.25″ form factor
  • Would be nice if it had a blue LED glow like the Wii 😛 but that’s not important!

Please leave your comments with advice and ideas of what I should get!

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