Working on Computer (Day 2) – Installing Ubuntu!

After installing the second Hard Drive onto my computer I then had the task of installing Ubuntu 9.04!

The first part of installing Ubuntu was downloading Ubuntu. Very simple and easy to do, just go to the Ubuntu site and download! So simple! While I was there I checked on the status of Ubuntu Mobile Internet Device (MID) Edition and discovered Moblin, which I also downloaded for my little laptop, which I am posting this blog from now….

This was very easy and took very little time; I will soon be posting a tutorial on Installing Ubuntu  which I will make a link to here! One thing about Ubuntu is that the last percent of the install is the percent that takes the longest!

When Ubuntu was installed I had a little browse around then closed it down so I could make one minor hardware change; I replaced all the screws with some thumbscrews that I bought off of eBay.

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