Working on Computer (Day 2) – Secondary Hard Drive

This is really late as I did this almost 2 weeks ago, but I made notes and here is what I did to my new computer! The next thing I wanted to do after having a successful (but painful) first day was next to Dual Boot!

To start dual booting I decided to have each type of OS on a separate HDD, I would have one drive for Windows. The first step in this was clearly to install a second hard drive! Surely that would be easy enough? Just get another drive, install it and go! 🙂

I wish… First of all I need another IDE hard drive so I rummaged around until I found a 120GB hard drive and a 160GB hard drive. Out of the 2 it was the obvious choice to go with the 160GB hard drive! So i popped it in, hooked it up and booted the computer, but as the BIOS tried to detect the drives it came to a total halt a froze up! At first I thought that I may have set both to Master or both to Slave… That was not the case… They were individually set, one to master and one to slave… there should have been no problem!

Since this event was so long ago my memory is a bit foggy but, I do know that after about 30 minutes of playing and reconfiguration, that the hard drive I was trying to use was broken! About a year ago, I was using it in an external HDD enclosure and accidentally put the socket in upside down. 5V went where 12V should have been going and 12V went where 5V should have been going! I had short-circuited the drive!

I then used the 120GB (which I knew for a fact was operational). It would have worked had I set the jumpers correctly before hand but I didn’t! I had to take it out, change the jumpers and put it back in! Everything seemed to be working okay 🙂

Next step was to install Ubuntu….

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