I regularly view a title=”TweetStats :: for flungo” href=”http://tweetstats.com/graphs/flungo” target=”_blank”>my TweetStats which clearly show a twitter addiction if you analyse them! However last night when I was checking my FollowCost I saw something that has definetly confirmed my twitter addiction! Look at the statistics for my last 100 tweets :S

836.48 Updates per Day

836.48 Updates per Day

Almost 40,000 milliscobles which is 40 times more tweets than @Scobleizer

To view all my stats have a look at:

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Is anybody else getting a load of spam today about some porn? I keep getting this message on twitter:

“@flungo Britney Fucked By A Big Dick, Come See Celeb XXX Videos (Click the link at top right of my profile)”

They are all from different users so just blocking doesn’t work. They must all be coming from the same IP address so surely twitter can block that IP and have rid of this annoying spam?

If not then I have thought of a cleaver idea to stop this. All of the spam uses the same profile picture so using PHP tools it would be possible to check the users image to see if it matches the spammers. I know it is possible but to actually code this I would have to do some research as I am no PHP expert.

However the major flaw with this is that it will take a lot of processing power to monitor every account’s new profile picture using this method. Could Twitter please do something about this? Spam is really the only annoying thing about twitter!

The moment I got 400 followers

The moment I got 400 followers

Earlier today I was working hard to get up to 400 follower and I was successful! Took a few hours to get from 391 follower when I checked this morning to the 400 I have got now. I know 400 followers is nothing special but in my opinion it is pretty good and for me that is brilliant!

First attempt at making all the numbers round

First attempt at making all the numbers round

However after watching some videos on YouTube then rating, favouriting and commenting them my tweets had creeped up to 6,500. At this point I thought, “400 is a round number… 6500 is a nice roundish number…. If I can get my listed up to 10 and my following down to 350 I will have a nice bunch of round statistics”. I went about this is the most simplest way I could think of, un-follow 8 useless people that I was following and list myself a few times! 😀 Took a few minutes to get perfect but I did it. But then, for some reason, I decided to close the tab without having taken the screen shot and by the time I was back it had all been screwed up by one idiot that decided to follow me! 😛

Second attempt to get nice round stats

Second attempt to get nice round stats

I kept refreshing just hopping someone would un-follow and after a few minutes they had, but after this amount of time YouTube had made another 2 posts on my twitter account (YouTube Auto share is delayed by a few minutes. My dreams of having perfectly round stats was over.

However, I could just fake it:

My stats after merging my first 2 attempts together :P

My stats after merging my first 2 attempts together 😛

I know this is a bit late but I can still win something if you all vote for me today! Below are all the links to nominate me for different categories! You get one vote per category, per day (but today is the last day to vote) so vote for me in as many categories as you can!

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This is one of the first problems I discovered with my T-Mobile (UK) MDA Vario IV (the UK version of the HTC Touch Pro for sale on T-Mobile) and I cannot see that this is the only device that is affected by this. The issue was a problem where the caller ID would not be found for either SMS messages or Phone calls. This was because when I was receiving a phone call on T-Mobile the number would be displayed without the country code (e.g. 07123456789) and when I received a text from the same person their number would be displayed with the country code (e.g. +447123456789). The problem was that if the contact was saved without the country code their name would only be displayed only for their phone calls and if their number was saved with the country code then their name would only be displayed with their texts. If you also have this problem then this is how you can fix it:

  1. Download and install the latest version of mdSoft CeRegEditor which can be found on the mdSoft CeRegEditor Download page
  2. After installing you will need to connect your device via ActiveSync then start mdSoft CeRegEditor. (Please not that if you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista then you may need to “Run as Administrator” for the connection to be successfully established by right clicking and clicking “Run as Administrator”)
  3. To connect click F1 or click connect in the top left of mdSoft CeRegEditor.

    Make connection with device (Yes I have noticed the typo that mdSoft have made)

    Make connection with device (Yes I have noticed the typo that mdSoft have made)

  4. Either search for CallIDMatch or navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Phone and find CallIDMatch


  5. Double click CallIDMatch and then change the value to 10 (as far as I know this is the number of digits which must match for the caller ID to be assosiated – both +447123456789 and 07123456789 from our earlier example share 10 digits in  common so this is value that should be set)

    Set the Value data to 10

    Set the Value data to 10

  6. Click OK then close mdSoft CeRegEditor.
  7. Safely remove your phone from the computer then reset your device.

After following those steps, it should be fixed! Simplest way to test is to get someone to phone you and then text you.

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ReTweet Icon

ReTweet Icon

As many of you know I am addicted to twitter and to my regular #RTTime where I ReTweet the news I read on technology blogs! This can get highly annoying for my followers who are not interested in the latest tech news (but just my actual tweets) or can keep themselves up to date and just want original content!

The new ReTweet feature allows for the quick ReTweeting of messages by simply clicking the ReTweet button and confirming! Advantages over the old ReTweet style are ease of use, conformity (everyones ReTweets will look the same), you reply to the origional poster when replying and you can disable them on a per user basis! It is that last feature that is great for my followers! If my ReTweets bug you (or any users for that matter) go to their profile and disable ReTweets!

The only real issue with the new ReTweet style is that you cannot append a comment or responce to the new style ReTweets! The best solution for this would be to create another feature for “refferencing” this would be like a reply but rather than being directed to the user so that only you, them and mutual followers can see will make it a public statement (like a normal tweet) that instead of saying “in reply to…” underneath says “refferencing to…”

Note: I started writing this the day ReTweets came out. no idea why it took so long for me to finish!

This is a quick little blog post to explain  the basics of Twitter lists. Twitter lists are a new feature from twitter that allows you to organise twitter accounts and create customised timelines. Any user will be able to create a list (when  it is fully distributed and out of BETA) can create or follow a list. Lists will be hosted under the creators twitter account (for example, if I was to create a list called “My Twitter Accounts” it would be found at @flungo/my-twitter-accounts) and is accessible to anyone with the lists feature everybody. I have tested this and you can link to lists directly from tweets and

Twitter lists are simple to create

The main advantage of lists that I can think of are that:

  • It can make it easy for new users to twitter to easily start using the service and finding users that fit into categories they are interested in
  • Users can organise followers
  • Users can clear their main timeline from tweeters that they may deem less important
  • Non-registered users can find lists they like and view them without having to sign-up to twitter (but why wouldn’t you want to sign-up?)


Yes…. That is right….. I feel so honoured…… I was mentioned in a PocketNow Blog Post Update! It is actually such an honour as Pocketnow is one of my favorite online blogs 🙂

It was all thanks to my eBay skills by spotting something that Brandon Miniman had missed when making the blog post. Brandon Miniman posted a link to an eBay item which would appear to have been giving you the HTC HD2 two weeks earlier than anyone else but if you had read the small print at the bottom you would find it says, “PRE-ORDER ONLY(eta: ships out 2nd week of November)

I had no other choice but to report it; someone might have bought it thinking that they would be getting a good when they actually would have been conned! It was very cleaver the way it was done though; by putting it right at the bottom along with all the other “usual information that no one ever reads” it made it difficult for someone to see, even the great Brandon Miniman of Pocketnow.com Be wary of sellers like this and ALWAYS read the small print at the bottom!

With regards to the HTC HD2 that the blog post was about, if someone would be so kind to buy me one I would be more than happy to review it! 🙂

I have had this blog post ready almost since the day I got Google Wave however the Google Wave Embed API used to crash a lot so I never posted it! It seems stable enough now so here it is:

For all you people out there who are not as privileged as I and do not have a Google Wave account, I have embedded the welcome message for you to read and watch the video in. Just so that all you people without Google Wave feel just a little bit more jealous and envious of me and so that your yearning to get a Google Wave Account increases to a level which you will not be able to contain!

[wave id=”googlewave.com!w+wdz7WracI” color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#ffffff” /]

Incase the links dont work this is the wave for “Getting started with Google Wave”

[wave id=”googlewave.com!w+wdz7WracC” color=”000000″ bgcolor=”ffffff” /]

And this is for “When to use Google Wave”

[wave id=”googlewave.com!w+2BtJWddiKEA” color=”000000″ bgcolor=”ffffff” /]

Finally for “Google Wave extensions”

[wave id=”googlewave.com!w+NtFv6bZk4F” color=”000000″ bgcolor=”ffffff” /]

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A little bit late but all my blog posts are late at the moment! Since this is late I will make this post about twitter lists as quick as I can! If you have not seen this new feature on twitter, a list is basically a group which you can make with a bunch of people in it and it will create another timeline for all these people. Other people can then follow these lists and you can follow other people’s lists but what is the point in lists and what can you use them for?

For the person making the list there are 2 main purposes (that I can see):

  • Organisation – You can organise the people you follow on twitter into groups so that it is easy to keep up to date with certain things. You may already use grouping methods in other applications and this is a brilliant way for doing the same but through the twitter website. This can also be handy when needing to find people in a certian group or when you only want to know what your friend are up to.
  • Keeping your timeline clean – I don’t know about you but I am following a lot of rubbish on twitter and it takes up so many of my API calls in applications like @TweetDeck or @PocketTwit, therefore limiting the amount of useful tweets I can see and wasting my time by making me have to skip all of the useless tweets. By using lists you can move anyone that your following into a list, then view them only when you want to. This will clean up the timeline and make it more relevant! I will definitely be doing this for all the twitter games that I am following as they tend to clog allot of my timeline for no reason; when they are in a list I can view the games when I feel like joining in!

For someone who follows twitter lists:

  • Easy updates – Say for example you liked the news, but you didn’t want to go round following every news twitter user; using lists you could find someone who has compiled a good list of news lists and then follow that. If the creator of the list maintains it then it will also mean that you don’t need to search for more twitter users in the categories you are following lists for.
  • Topic based lists – If you like a specific topic, you will be able to find the perfect list for this. Another person interested in the same things may have already made a list of Twitter users related to that interest and finding a relevant list will save you time; rather than looking for every twitter user related to a topic you like you simply find the list and if it is updated you will always be getting the latest tweets from the latest twitter users in the areas you are interested in!
  • Find Twitter users – By finding relevant lists, you do not have to follow them  but you could look at who is followed in the list and pick and chose the ones you like helping you find new and interesting people to follow.

For someone on a twitter list:

  • Wider exposure – Get your twitter viewed by more people as people view lists that include you. Even if the you are not followed due to a list, if you are followed by a list that is widely followed you will get your tweets read by many people!

I wrote this very quickly and the time where I am is 00:36am, I may improve this tomorrow 😛

UPDATE: I have added a little bit to this post but not that much…. 😛