I am Officially Addicted to Twitter!

I regularly view a title=”TweetStats :: for flungo” href=”http://tweetstats.com/graphs/flungo” target=”_blank”>my TweetStats which clearly show a twitter addiction if you analyse them! However last night when I was checking my FollowCost I saw something that has definetly confirmed my twitter addiction! Look at the statistics for my last 100 tweets :S

836.48 Updates per Day

836.48 Updates per Day

Almost 40,000 milliscobles which is 40 times more tweets than @Scobleizer

To view all my stats have a look at:

[cb]Twitter[/cb] [cb]TweetStats[/cb] [cb]FollowCost[/cb] [cb]Twitter Counter[/cb] [cb]Twitterholic[/cb] [cb]Twitter Analyzer[/cb]

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