What are Twitter Lists?

This is a quick little blog post to explain  the basics of Twitter lists. Twitter lists are a new feature from twitter that allows you to organise twitter accounts and create customised timelines. Any user will be able to create a list (when  it is fully distributed and out of BETA) can create or follow a list. Lists will be hosted under the creators twitter account (for example, if I was to create a list called “My Twitter Accounts” it would be found at @flungo/my-twitter-accounts) and is accessible to anyone with the lists feature everybody. I have tested this and you can link to lists directly from tweets and

Twitter lists are simple to create

The main advantage of lists that I can think of are that:

  • It can make it easy for new users to twitter to easily start using the service and finding users that fit into categories they are interested in
  • Users can organise followers
  • Users can clear their main timeline from tweeters that they may deem less important
  • Non-registered users can find lists they like and view them without having to sign-up to twitter (but why wouldn’t you want to sign-up?)


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