Why is Twitter RTing so good for my followers?

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As many of you know I am addicted to twitter and to my regular #RTTime where I ReTweet the news I read on technology blogs! This can get highly annoying for my followers who are not interested in the latest tech news (but just my actual tweets) or can keep themselves up to date and just want original content!

The new ReTweet feature allows for the quick ReTweeting of messages by simply clicking the ReTweet button and confirming! Advantages over the old ReTweet style are ease of use, conformity (everyones ReTweets will look the same), you reply to the origional poster when replying and you can disable them on a per user basis! It is that last feature that is great for my followers! If my ReTweets bug you (or any users for that matter) go to their profile and disable ReTweets!

The only real issue with the new ReTweet style is that you cannot append a comment or responce to the new style ReTweets! The best solution for this would be to create another feature for “refferencing” this would be like a reply but rather than being directed to the user so that only you, them and mutual followers can see will make it a public statement (like a normal tweet) that instead of saying “in reply to…” underneath says “refferencing to…”

Note: I started writing this the day ReTweets came out. no idea why it took so long for me to finish!

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