Have you noticed recently that on the odd page load, twitter might look a bit strange? I managed to capture one screenshot… let’s see if you can spot what has happened? The bug is subtle but many have noticed it while using twitter as I have seen other people tweeting about it.

Can you spot it? I have cropped quite a bit off so it should make it eas :P

Can you spot it? I have cropped quite a bit off so it should make it eas 😛

You should be able to spot it as it appears on every tweet shown but let me get rid of all but one to make it a bit easier if you are still struggling and to make it EVEN easier I will put it side by side with what the tweet should look like. How about now:

Come on... If you cannot see it you must be blind! :P

Come on... If you cannot see it you must be blind! 😛

If you still have not spotted it then (no offence) but you must be blind 😛 lol! Let me make it VERY obvious!

If you really did not notice it, here is the answer :P

If you really did not notice it, here is the answer 😛

Yes that is right! Twitter is implementing Italian as one of their next languages! This is a major step for twitter as it will now mean that people living in Europe will soon get twitter in their local language and mean that the use of twitter within Europe will therefore grow! Had I actually done my research before posting this I would have know that twitter have launched Twitter in Italian, Spanish and French! But this was a glitch that I spotted 😛 And there was me thinking twitter we secretly testing Italian and had a glitch every now and then that sent it to everyone! 🙁

I just did a random search on Google (can’t remember what for) and discovered a nifty new feature! If you search for the user name of someone on twitter on Google, then Google will recognise this and automatically add a box at the top for a select few of the user’s most recent tweets of that user. Here is a screenshot of when you search for flungo on Google:

A search for "flungo" on Google

A search for "flungo" on Google

As you can see it will only show two updates and these updates may not necessarily be the 2 most recent. After being amazed by just the fact tweet were appearing on twitter, I noticed that there was a link that said, “Pause” and to me this implied that search was live! I tried testing this by making some for some reason (which I am yet to discover – if you know please comment) some of my tweets were omitted even after refreshing and these tweets never appeared on this page; Google must be using some sort of filtering to try and offer the most reliable tweets.

Rather than messily extending down the page (which would be inconvenient for those who don’t wish to use this feature) when the page starts to load more tweets and updates, Google shows them but limits the size of the area, and adds a nice little scroll bar if it exceeds that area. An example of this is bellow when @MOn321 sent me a tweet. 😛

Search for "flungo" on Google

Search for "flungo" on Google

Even though not all tweets are show, you can view more tweets by clicking, “Latest updates for…”. By clicking this you will get a live search page that searches for you query:

"Latest results for flungo" on Google

"Latest results for flungo" on Google

This view will display any tweets that contain your query. This view is accessible from any search (even if Google does not automatically show the updates on your main search) by clicking, “Show options…” at the top of the search then selecting “Updates” from the list of search types.

I then decided to search for something that may find a few more results so I did a search for something that has been in the news for quite a while, “Tiger Woods“. Although the Latest Results did not appear at the top of the page it did appear but further down the page. It must use a similar ranking system to when positioning result in accordance to relevance. When I scrolled down, I instantly notice that the update was definitely live with updates coming in every few seconds and that this feature was not just limited Twitter; news sites and other sites that constantly have updates posted at a very fast rate were also being loaded in real time!

Search for "Tiger Woods" on  Google

Search for "Tiger Woods" on Google

Updates found on Google for Tiger Woods over a 15 minute period.

Updates found on Google for Tiger Woods over a 15 minute period (click to view full image)

To just see the sheer number of tweets that it could build up I left the page searching for “Tiger Woods” for a little while (it ended up being approximately 15 minutes). Google ended up finding so many results that the screenshot is almost 6000 pixels long. For this reason, I am displaying just a thumbnail of the photo on the right however you can click to vie the whole picture 🙂

Overall this looks like a very powerful tool and a step in the correct direction for real-time search for one of the world largest search engines!

Yes that is right, I have 10 Google Wave invites to give away but to get your invite you must decipher the code bellow and follow the simple instructions:

Decipher this code to win your Google Wave account!

Decipher this code to win your Google Wave account!

I hope you enjoy this little challenge I have set you! Pleas share the challenge with friends and have fun solving it! If you recognise the encryption this should not take more than 5 minutes to solve! 🙂

Winner 1: And the first winner was….. @andy4321! Congratulations to him for decrypting the puzzle!

I know we already knew this but I have yet another piece of proof that I am going crazy! I have just realised that I made 2 posts about the same thing….

I have difficulty finding time to blog about new things but somehow I managed to find the time to blog about the same thing twice 😛