3 New Domains and Short URLS

Today has been an extremely productive day here on my blog! I should be in school but thanks to the snow, I have not been in school after the first day that I returned on Tuesday. Earlier today, I was thinking about my blog and trying to think of ways to make my URL shorter so that when my tweets are ReTweeted on twitter and shared that the URL links do not take up as many characters. While pondering over this I tried to come up with some clever short URLS but everything I could think of was taken or too expensive due to an expensive TLD.

I then realised that the short URL that I should have is so simple, and has been quite obvious for quite a while. On most social networking sites,  I use the username flungo which is short, simple and appropriate to me (the ‘f’ is for Fabrizio and the ‘lungo’ is from Lungo, which when put together makes Fabrizio Lungo which is my name :P) so I purchased the domains flungo.me, flungo.co.uk and flungo.info (the .info one was simply because the domain was cheap) .

I have now set those domains up so that they all redirect to fabrizio.me.uk (which you are presumably reading this blog on) as I have already built up a lot of SEO with the current domain and do not want to loose that by having multiple domains all hosting the same blog, or by changing the default domain. I have also set up flungo.me (the shortest of the 3 domains) as my URL shortening base! All tweets that are posted on my twitter account from this blog will be using that shortened URL from now on! I will also be working to integrate this into other parts of the site including with the tweetmeme plugin that is used on the site. I hope to also make short permalink available so that readers can share the blog posts with the respective short URL!

This is the first post that should be tweeted using the URL Shortener so this is actually a test post; hopefully it works 🙂

UPDATE: It appeared to tweet correctly however I have now modified the format of the tweet that is posted to make it clearer!

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