Twitter penalise dedicated Twitter users

I was happily tweeting away yesterday when all of a sudden, TweetDeck started giving me a “Recipient not following you” error which is what TweetDeck’s last resort error is; if it does not recognise the error that has been returned it will return that error! Strangely TweetDeck have’t got an error message simply saying “An unknown error occurred” but this blog is not about the issues with TweetDeck (which I love dearly but being in Beta, obviously has bugs). At the time, I was ReTweeting and one of the common errors that I get that TweetDeck (once again strangely does not recognise), is the error that the Tweet I am trying to ReTweet has already been Tweeted by me!

At first I took this as the case and tried to ReTweet something else. I got the same error again! I knew for a fact that I had not already Tweeted this and then attempted to send a normal Tweet. I cannot remember if I got the “Recipient not following you” or another undescriptive error (however I am pretty sure it was that same old “Recipient not following you” error) but at that point I presumed TweetDeck had stopped working (as it had done the week before). To check that it was TweetDeck and not that twitter was having issues (which I doubted as I was still receiving Tweets on TweetDeck, which was what happened with the problem I had with TweetDeck the week before) I went on to Twitter and successfully send a Tweet.

From this I presumed it was the same problem as before and thought I would have to close TweetDeck and open it to rectify the problem (as I did last time) but before I could do that, I had to RT anything that had been loaded up in to TweetDeck already and reply to any tweets that were loaded and required a reply so I opened all those tweets on the web in multiple tabs, doing 5 at a time (so that my computer would not get filled with open tabs and end up confusing me) and I then clicked ReTweet on each and then confirmed it quickly changing between tabs in an attempt to get though it all quickly. When I returned to the first tweet that I ReTweeted to confirm that it had been ReTweeted, I could not see any sign that it had been successfully ReTweeted so clicked ReTweet again, and went to then next tab which had the same problem but by the time I reached the third one I realised something was up so clicked ReTweet then remained on that tab until I received an error message. After a few seconds of attempting to ReTweet, low and behold a message pops up at the top saying “whoops! Something went wrong, please refresh the page and try again”

Initially I did not associate this problem with the problem I was having on TweetDeck so refreshed all the open tabs and had a look if it had made any difference. It had not so I then tried again getting the same message each time! Since I was able to Tweet, I presumed there was a problem with the Twitter ReTweet function , but when I went to make a tweet asking about this, I was greeted with the following error:

"You are over the status update limit. Please wait a few hours and try again."

"You are over the status update limit. Please wait a few hours and try again."

I was shocked by this and it resulted in me having to stop tweeting for over an hour! I totally understand why Rate Limits are in place but I find that is penalising the dedicate users of twitter. If you look at my recent TweetStats you will notice that I tweet over 2000 times a month and in my opinion this show true dedication to the service. In my opinion, Twitter need to improve their data centres to accommodate larger rate limits. If twitter require more funding to provide this to their users I would be more than willing to pay an additional fee to have raised API limits! Just to clarify, I do not think twitter should charge for their service but I think that those who want higher rate limits should be able to pay and receive this!

Twitter do currently offer Whitelisting which raises API calls to up to 20,000 a day but this is only for developers and applications in production and will only affect the API calls and not the Update Limit.

The one thing that has really got me confused on this situation is the actual guidelines on the limits. The Update and API Limits state that you are limited to “1,000 total updates per day, on any and all devices (web, mobile web, phone, API, etc. )” However, if you look at my statistics for yesterday, you will see I was no where near this limit!

Tweets on 08/01/10

Tweets on 08/01/10

Admittedly, I was tweeting (well ReTweeting) at a rapid rate but if there is an additional limit which is on a per hour basis that would affect that, it should stated in the Update and API Limits.

I am still very confused about this but I have to live with this! Have any of you ever got that error? Please leave your comments 🙂

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