Odiogo for WordPress Review

After reading a blog post that I found when it was ReTweeted by @windowsphone, I discovered the Odiogo plugin for wordpress. It is a nifty little plugin that you can install onto your wordpress blog which allows your, more lazy readers have each blog post read to them.

What you get is the standard sort of robotic voice (after a little Odiogo jingle for branding 😉 ) reading the blog post. The quality is quite good and can be very fluent at times but is nowhere near perfect. It does try and be natural but siome times the tone used is all wrong and in very logn sentences where a pause would be used even where there are no commas, the reader picks up in pace and it becomes very fast!

The main problems comes when you start having abreviations for things or non-english words (which is very often on a technology blog like this). Sometimes it will try and make the abreviations into a word rather than spelling it letter by letter and other times you get the oposite; you may have a word in capitals which it assumes is an abreviation and so reads letter by letter!

Overall the Odigio plugin is a nice feature which I will leave running but it is nowhere near perfect!

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