Are WordPress permalinks… well… Permanent?

This blog is simply a personal experiment and may be of no interest to you unless you too have a WordPress blog and ask yourself the same question:

Often I post a blog post without updating the permalink to something sensible. This means that after posting I have to change the permalink, and this could mean that the links posted on other sites automatically (like the link automatically posted on my twitter) may point to the wrong place. But what I want to know is whether when you change the permalink, the old permalink still exist, so that the the link is not broken? I will test this theory on this blog and let you all know with an update to the blog 🙂

UPDATE: Well that was simple enough, and I know have my answer 🙂 If you update your permalink after publishing, the old permalink will redirect to the new location meaning that no links are broken! However, it did appear that the TweetMeme ReTweet widget reset to 0 when doing this!

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