Dear Followers, April Fools!

Some of you may have notice my strange tweets yesterday about suddenly falling in love with apple and saying that I was getting a mac and that I was selling all my PCs! I even went to the extent of posting a photo of me with my supposedly newly bought Mac.

If you haven’t already worked it out, yesterday was April first… Yes, it was all part of my April Fools!

There was absolutely no way i was going to turn to the dark-side that is the Mac! I have set up The Anti-Apple Society, so there is no way on earth you were going to get me to become a Mac! If you got fooled you don’t know me very well! And for all of you who think I actually have a Mac (the one in the photo I tweeted), that Mac is actually my sister, @sllungo‘s, and touching it made me feel sick!

Did you get caught out by my April Fools? What did you do for April Fools? Leave your messages in the comments!

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