13 Hours in TwitJail!

Two days ago, the most outrageous thing to happen to me while on twitter happened! I was locked away in TwitJail for 13 hours! I am often in TwitJail and usually just accept it as it usually lasts no longer than 1 hour but to be stopped from tweeting for 13 hours is ridiculous! I am an avid twitterer and (as I have blogged before) I feel it penalises me for using their service!

I am not sure what happened but it must have been a glitch that managed to get me locked away for that long but that cant be right. I thought about it and came to this conclusion about the situation. I was in TwitJail for 13 hours, however if you look at the time I got out, it was 00:00 GMT (midnight). This then makes me think that twitter thinks I was over the daily status update limit (and not just the hourly one) but in that day I had only sent 277 tweets (to be confirmed) which again begs the question as why I was in TwitJail for so long!

I am not 100% sure how TwitJail is run at the moment but i dont think it is run fairly. There are two ways I feel twitJail could be run that would be fair on Twitter’s users:

  1. At the beginning of each hour no one is in TwitJail. If you send more than 100 tweets in the hour then you will be in TwitJail until it is reset at the beginning of the next hour. The problem with this method is that it would cause a great deal of server load at the beginning of each hour followed by reduced server load at the end of the hour which blows the whole point of TwitJail which is to balance server load!
  2. Whenever you send a tweet it checks how many tweets you had sent in the hour before and if this number is greater than or equal to 100 it will not allow your tweet! This is the fairest way to do it and would mean that you are not kept in twitjail for too long! The major problem with the current system is that it will penalise you for sending 1 too many tweets! If you sent 99 tweets then waited a bit, you would not be penalised or put in TwitJail but sending that 100th tweet could result in you being locked up for (usually) longer than one hour! At the moment, twitjail is a punishment for using Twitter; not a control!

There should also be a way of monitoring how close you are to twitjail; if they had this then users would be able to control and moderate themselves and would also have no right to moan like I am doing now!

I have no problem with the concept of TwitJail but it needs to be run properly!

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