Flattr Shortcode Widget 0.2.0

Earlier today I released the 0.2.0 build of the Flattr Shortcode Widget and it includes a whole bunch of new features as well as a couple of minor bug fixes!

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New Features

New features include Anchors and Multi-Flattr which bring extra functionality which can be timely to manually set up and are not yet offered by any other widget.


The main purpose for the anchors feature is to allow you to enable users to flattr sections of a page individually. Previously this was difficult as working around the limit of one flattr per url is tricky. The new feature adds an additional variable, ‘anc’ that can be set to easily give each a flattr widget their unique identifier. When you have set the ‘anc’ variable, you are also then able to define the ‘setanc’ variable. If this is set to true, then an anchor will be placed before the widget that is inserted. This will mean that when the backlink from flattr is followed, they are taken straight to the widget. If you want to set the exact location of the anchor by manually adding the code or just want this disable then make sure ‘setanc’ is false.


This feature also allows you to create (and be given) multiple flattr’s allowing (if you feel you deserve it) for people to give you more than one of their flattrs. You could manually set up lots of widgets with different anchors but whether you are setting lots of variables in each or just lots of basic widgets this will become time consuming and difficult to manage so I created the created the Multi-Flattr feature.


This is a very simple new feature that allows you to generate more than one flattr widget that exploit the anchors feature to make each unique so that each is unique. If no ‘anc’ is set then the ‘anc’ will be set to a range of numbers (however the first widget will have no number so to avoid problems with any other widgets you may put on the page you can set the ‘anc’). If you have set the ‘anc’ then  the unique number will be appended to the end of it.

This feature allows you to generate unlimited flattr widgets, that are all unique meaning you can give users the option to flattr you as many times as you feel you deserve! To use this feature all you have to do is define how many widgets you want with


Change Log


  • NEW: Anchors added so that multiple flattrs can be used on the same URL
  • NEW: Your backlink from flattr can link straight back to the widget rather than just back to the page (uses anchors)
  • NEW: You can define how many flattr widgets you want to be generated and each work independantly (allows multiple flattrs)
  • NEW: You can use multiple flattrs and anchor features simultaniously
  • UPDATE: All true/flase values must now be set to ‘1’ (true) or ‘0’ (flase)
  • BUG FIX: Hide not always set to true
  • BUG FIX: Default language now works
  • UPDATE: Arrays now used instead of lots of independant variables
  • BUG FIX: Whitespace in variables that would cause the widget to fail is now removed


  • BUG FIX: Decription was not filled in if not manually set and was therefore required


  • BUG FIX: Problems with svn sync fixed
  • BUG FIX: Version numbers corrected


  • UPDATE: Widget name changed from “Flattr Widget” to “Flattr Shortcode Widget”


  • UPDATE: Major updates to readme.txt
  • NEW: Added to WordPress Plugin Directory
  • BUG FIX: Bug that interfered default size of widget for official plugin has been corrected


Please report bugs in the comments

Known Bugs

  • Anchor’s <a> tag is not closed. (Fixed in update 0.2.1)


If there are any features you would like then please request them in the comments

Features in development

  • Configuration page with custom default settings
  • Graphical shortcode generator

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