Testing ‘YOURLS’/’Twitter User’ integration

For a long time now, I have been using the YOURLS WordPress plugin to post updates to my twitter feed when I create a blog post. Since I am the only person who posts on this blog I could quite safely set the Tweet message to “%T” by @flungo – %U but I now want to experiment and see if I can link this with the Twitter User plugin. The Twitter User plugin simply adds a field to the user’s profile for their twitter name so I now want to see if setting the Tweet message to “%T” by @%A{twitter} – %U will output a tweet automatically using my twitter username.

In the case of my blog this is not important as there is only one person who posts (me) but for other people who have blogs with more than one poster this could be useful.

UPDATE: It worked as can be seen here. I will make a full guide to setting this up and configuring it soon!

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