On Sunday I made my way to west London to go in search of the HTC Roadshow that was in town at Westfield Shopping Centre. It took me a little while to hunt down the road show but I did eventually find it! While there I took a look at all their latest products but the devices I was most interested in were the HTC Flyer and the HTC Sensation. After having a quick play arround with the Incredible S, Desire S and HD7 I got chatting to a friendly HTC worker. Started talking about all the old HTC phones (in particular the ones I had owned) and was just reminiscing with someone who could actually remember the HTC Universal!

After about half an hour just chatting we got down to business and he showed me around the HTC flyer (apologies in advance for the “Yep”ing):

As you can see the HTC Flyer is just an amazing device…

The other device I looked at was the HTC Sensation. After seeing the Flyer this was a rather disappointing experience. Of course it was very snappy and very fast and would make for an amazing phone to own, but there was no real innovation like in the Flyer. It was just another android phone and that’s exactly what it felt like.

I am not saying that as a phone it is a let down, or that the performance did not meet up to the specs that it had (because it most certainly did and if I was to buy a new phone, this would be the one I would get) but in terms of a new product on the market, the Sensation was just HTC’s version of a dual core phone whereas with the Flyer and its pen input, it was a real change.

After seeing the HTC Flyer over the weekend I am now dying to get my hands on one. After a recent search to see what other tablets were available at this price range or for even less I stumbled upon this:

HTC Flyer (32GB 3G and WiFi) for £479.99

HTC Flyer (32GB 3G and WiFi) for £479.99

Yes… You have read it right. The 3G/WiFi version of the HTC Flyer for the price of the WiFi HTC Flyer. To me this looks like a mistake for the very reason just mentioned (they have got it mixed up with the price of the WiFi Flyer). However it is not just that. They clearly State that it has a 32GB capacity which is ONLY available for the 3G version and my other theory that this was the US version (without a pen) was proved wrong by the description.

Obviously I had no choice but to buy one of these at that bargain price and you can do the same, providing they don’t change anything! I will keep you updated with the status of my order and obviously when it arrives I will do a FULL unboxing and review!

UPDATE: The description on the best buy page has now been modified for the WiFi, 16GB version. However, the tablet I ordered has arrived and it is indeed the 32GB, 3G version. Hope you all took my advice and ordered when you could in order to save £120 on the HTC Flyer. I suppose I owe a big thank-you to Best Buy for sending what the desription said and honouring their part of the transaction.

HTC Flyer on Best Buy (16GB WiFi) for £479.99

HTC Flyer on Best Buy after it had been corrected

This is a quick tutorial made to explain how to copy fonts for backup and sharing.

Sharing paid font’s is illegal. Only use the method outlined in this post for sharing free fonts or backing up fonts that you own!

  1. Navigate to C:\Windows\Font or click Start>Control Panel>Fonts
  2. Find the font you wish to send. The name of the file may not necessarily be under the name you might expect and there may be a suffix to the font like “Regular” or “Compressed Light”.
  3. To back these fonts up, slect the fonts for backup and copy them to your backup location. For sharing, copy this to a removable media device or copy into a folder which can then be zipped and emailed to the recipient.
  4. To restore or install the font, you should right click the font file and select “Install”