Future Plans

I am currently a student at Southampton University studying Computer Science. Where I would like to go once I have my MEng in this subject is uncertain at the moment. There are many options with CS and one that has always been a dream is working for Google, I mean have you seen this video or even one of the many others? There are two paths that really interest me: Software Engineering and Network Engineering. Not only do I have a passion for using computers, writing programs to solve problems and tinkering with the software configurations of my machines, I really enjoy taking that to the next level, building on hardware and pushing hardware to its limits.

I also enjoy the area of automation,finding ways to make the processes I and others go through on a daily basis: quicker, simpler and easier. It would seem that automation is a growing industry with companies employing people to write computer programs to replace the job done by physical human beings. Although this may be seen as a negative thing, I feel this is a positive thing. Automation should be seen less as making people redundant but more as an opportunity for those people to be doing a more skilled, more interesting job that is not

This interest, I feel, would go hand in hand with another interest of mine which is artificial intelligence (AI). Being able to design software or machinery that is not only able to perform a set task but learn from unexpected events during those tasks is the ultimate form of automation and is definitely something I would like to delve further into.

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