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I am addicted to the social web and with sharing things online! I just love to share and I have noticed that the websites I share most on are those that give statistics on how much you share. Having big stats is really incentivising! I am pretty much always ahead in terms of social presence, currently using twitter and fourquare while friends are stuck just using Facebook!

Me Online

I can remember when I was younger, everyone was on Piczo and MySpace at the time and I wanted to be in on this and join then crowd but I was always (naively) too scared to lie about my age on these thing and had to wait years till I was 13 and was able to get a MySpace. I never did have a Piczo (as having a real website made this seemed irrelevant) but I did register for MySpace. I was never a huge fan of MySpace but I used it. MySpace was also my first attempt at blogging but I never really had much to blog about!

Later I got Facebook, but I got this at a time when practically no one I knew had it! I think when I signed up I had about 13 friends (most of which were older than me and not in my school yeargroup). Facebook worked for me though! I enjoyed using it and I think it was the apps that did this! I registered to so many of these Facebook games and within weeks I was ranked number 1 out of all my friends! This head start in these games gave me an ultimate advantage in remaining in that number one spot even as people started to migrate from MySpace to Facebook.

Slowly people started realising what I had been telling them for months, that MySpace just didn’t match up to Facebook in terms of the design, layout and the whole way it worked but, my use and interest in Facebook slowly deteriorated and I lost my position as number one on all the games! This change happened (as far as I remember) shortly after the major redesign in September 2008 and as other people’s interest in Facebook increased! By this time, most people had both a MySpace and a Facebook and were using both.

I feel it was the growth of Facebook that lead to my decline in use! As more people came to the site they started to vandalise it, and take it over with useless and pointless groups and pages (and most people didn’t even know the difference between the two – this in its self was frustrating) and they started doing things in the wrong way. All of this was encouraged by Facebook; it was loosing the formality that I once enjoyed!

At this point I had kept my MySpace (despite never using it) and was only using Facebook every now and then but on January 30th 2009 I deleted my MySpace account on International Delete Your MySpace Account Day. I was very passionate about this move, which I now regret (as I no longer believe in deleting anything that has been posted to the internet) and even created a video in support.

In March though, there was to come the biggest change in my social networking… After month of debating whether to get a Twitter or not I finally got one. My hesitation was caused by the mixed reviews I had heard about Twitter, a lot of which saying it was a waste of time but I overcame that and on March 11th I did something I would never regret doing in the form of getting a Twitter account!

Now at first I didn’t think it was all that (like most new users to twitter) but I remained persistent as I had a good feeling about the service. I slowly started following more people, and gaining more followers; meeting new people and interacting with them and slowly the service became more enjoyable to use. By looking at the stats you can see that from that day I started I has 12 months of nonstop growth, but after this there was a big slump as school work took over!

During this time I got foursquare.

My Social Presence

All of my social widgets for business and personal social site like Twitter, Facebook and will be posted here!

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