Web Design

I have always been designing websites from a young age (I can remember sitting using one of the computers I had made and discovering that you can make basic websites in Microsoft Word). When I was 11 I finally got Microsoft FrontPage and that is what got me going! I fell in love with web design. With its simple WYSIWYG editor I was able to put together simple static websites while slowly learning the HTML that produced those outputs. I was always making random websites but none of these were to ever reach the internet. I did not have a server and on top of that I barely knew about web servers and domains.

However a month (to the day, in fact) after my 12th birthday, I used the money I had got as presents to invest in a domain and a web server and on the 28th May, 2006 FabTekTastic was born!

Since then FabTekTastic has grown to the FabTekTastic Group that creates, hosts and maintains a variety of sites; I have moved to new servers; and changed my primary domain name provider. I have also learnt a lot since then. No longer are my sites made with static HTML – they now largely incorporate PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Flash.

The very first versions of websites that I made were all frame bound and used the concept of a header frame, TOC frame and content frame. Although this made creating new pages easy, it was aesthetically ineffective and resulted in the need for multiple page loads (slowing the site down). I then moved onto table bound sites and used Dreamweaver templates to maintain continuity between each page and now I am competent with the concepts of HTML and CSS to be able to build responsive sites that are not reliant on table layouts and using dynamic backends from PHP to Python to deal with content duplication and templating.

Unfortunately, maintaining the FabTekTastic Group is a lot of work for one person and with a lack of time, a lot of it has become dormant. A lot of my web designing time has gone into new sites using APIs and designing websites professionally for companies.




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