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I primarily created this blog post for my followers who want to know what I am up to and read my tweets but don’t want the annoyance of my famous #RTTime, however the details outlined in this guide will work for any twitter user who ReTweets more than you can handle! It is a very simple little trick that I am surprised is so unheard of but to bulk what would be a very quick blog post I will also explain how to disable/enable mobile notifications for a user.

@flungo's Twitter profile with icons highlighted

@flungo's Twitter profile with icons highlighted

In the photo to the right I have highlighted (with coloured circles in an orange box) the two tiny buttons that so easily go unnoticed. These buttons will only appear if you are following the user (if you are not following them the “Following” will say “Follow” – click that to start following the user and get these options shown).

The icon with the red ring is the one you need to make sure is greyed out if you don’t want to see the ReTweets of the user who’s profile you are viewing. If this is green (and it is by default after following a user) then this means that their ReTweets will appear in your time line!

The icon with the blue ring enables or disables mobile notifications. If this icon is green (enabled) and you have your mobile phone set up to receive twitter updates, then you will be alerted by sms whenever this user tweets! this can get quite annoying if the person who you are following sends a lot of tweets. To disable (as with the ReTweets option) click the icon so that it becomes greyed out  (disabled).

Note that although this will stop new style ReTweets from appearing on your time line, where classic ReTweets are used they will still be displayed.

Also note that if you disable my ReTweets you may miss when I ReTweet blog updates. To make sure you get instant notification of new blog posts, follow @FlungoBlog.

Cake with candles on-top representing "100"

Celebrating my 100th Post!

Without even realising I have passed my 100th post here on my blog! Most of that came over the last year where my blogging really increased in terms of volume however 100 posts is actually quite small for a blog and this is due to my limited time constraints. I have really started to enjoy blogging which is something I wasn’t sure would catch on for me! I remember my very first attempts at blogging years ago on my MySpace Blog but I just couldn’t think what to blog about! I now have the problem I have too much to blog about and not enough time to write and put together the blogs!

I think the major reason for my interest in blogging since I got this blog is the fact it is my own brand/identity with my own domain and even my own short-urls! It is also thanks to WordPress which make blogging such an easy and enjoyable experience while also bringing out the web developer in me with plugins that I have started designing.

I would just like to thank all my readers over the years and to let you know that in 2011 I hope to REALLY start blogging on a regular basis with hopefully interesting and up to date content! Happy Reading!

I just ran a speedtest on the site, to discover that even though I only pay for 50Mbps, I am getting an amazing 61.34Mbps. Usually is the most reliable speed testing service their is with a great choice of server but this really shocked me:

Is it possible I actually got 61.34Mbps or was this a little blip? Maybe Virgin Media is starting to roll out their 100Mbps Scheme which should be coming next year! Have you ever got MORE speed than your paying for?

Last weekend, I decided to tempirarily change phone to a BlackBerry (since my HTC Touch Pro’s space bar was broken) which I had mannaged to get for free as it was supposedly broken. Apparently it would not charge and it was also missing a trackball. Well the charging issue was easy enough to fix as it was not a problem for me and the trackball I was able to fix by spending £1.99 on eBay – admitedly, I bought a purple trackball over a white one, as it was cheaper and not only was the phone missing a trackball but a plastic ring that goes round it.
Once I had the BlackBerry all up and running, I wacked my SIM card in and started using it – to my releif the web browser worked and – thought I wouldn’t have to give in to giving RIM £5 per month to get BIS.
Obviously a person like me who is an avid tweeter would need to download twitter as their first app. After doing this, I then realised using BlackBerry App World to download all my other stuff would be easier so I downloaded that.
After downloading an array of other apps I then tried to set them up. I started with twitter and facebook. Neither of which worked – both stating connection errors. I then tried some other and most gave connection error with the odd exception!
I spent absolutly hours baffled by the anomily that resulted in some apps (including Blackberry App World).
It was only later when I tried to set-up my gmail that I realised. To add an email account on a blackberry you must integrate it and it was when I tried to do this that I realised how RIM have made it almost imposible to use your BlackBerry to the most of its capability without paying £5 per month.
To use email on a BlackBerry, you must first purchase £5 to get BIS enabled. This is fair enough in the corperate scenario where they are trying to access email through a BES as it is like purchasing a user CAL for your server, but when you just want to add your free webmail account you should be able to do this through standardised and open protocols like on most other phones. For someone who has been using Microsoft Push Email for years, this was an outrage!
I personally need access to my emails on the go and if I was going to use this blackberry as my temporary phone, I would need to get BIS! After 3 phone calls and eventually getting through to the T-Mobile retentions deppartment and mannaged to haggle 350 minutes in return for BIS – which was much better than the origional offer of downgrading from 600 to 350 minutes, Unlimited to 300 texts and the loss of my standard ‘always-connected’ internet.
It didn’t take long for the BIS to become active and after it was, what do you know? Oh…. All the apps that I downloaded that could not access the internet and were all ‘coincidentially’ made by Research in Motion started to work! Convinient how you pay them £5 per month and suddenly all standard services that you’d be able to use on any other phone using normal ‘always-connected’ internet start to work!
In my opinion, this is totally outrageous. You are basically paying £5 per month for the privilage of owning a BlackBerry and do you know what the worst bit is? The majority of BlackBerry owners don’t even realise they are paying this premium.
The amount of people who own a BlackBerry because of the BBM feature, really are very naïve. They all say how with a BlackBerry they get BBM which allows unlimted chat to their friends but it only works if your friends have BlackBerries. For the £5 they are paying for that privilige they could be getting more minutes and unlimites text which they could use to anyone on any network; not just BlackBerry owners!
For those who then have the argument that BBM gives more funtionaily than text messaging, then unlimited internet would allow you to use social networking, instant messaging and push email. All of which would provide an experience that surpasses the features of BlackBerry Messenger.
In my opinion BIS only makes sense for companies that have BES!

Click here to vote or register yourself as a contender (to vote no registration required, just click and wait – waiting may not be necessary, but I would wait to be safe!)

Currently ranked 2584 out of 18,836 which I dont think is bad at all considering my late start (there were over 18000 entrants when I registered), I am running to be 2010’s Most Influential Person Online! This is a project being run by Fast Company and everyone who enters will be featured in the November Issue of the magazine! The more influence you have though, the bigger your picture will be!

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Two days ago, the most outrageous thing to happen to me while on twitter happened! I was locked away in TwitJail for 13 hours! I am often in TwitJail and usually just accept it as it usually lasts no longer than 1 hour but to be stopped from tweeting for 13 hours is ridiculous! I am an avid twitterer and (as I have blogged before) I feel it penalises me for using their service!

I am not sure what happened but it must have been a glitch that managed to get me locked away for that long but that cant be right. I thought about it and came to this conclusion about the situation. I was in TwitJail for 13 hours, however if you look at the time I got out, it was 00:00 GMT (midnight). This then makes me think that twitter thinks I was over the daily status update limit (and not just the hourly one) but in that day I had only sent 277 tweets (to be confirmed) which again begs the question as why I was in TwitJail for so long!

I am not 100% sure how TwitJail is run at the moment but i dont think it is run fairly. There are two ways I feel twitJail could be run that would be fair on Twitter’s users:

  1. At the beginning of each hour no one is in TwitJail. If you send more than 100 tweets in the hour then you will be in TwitJail until it is reset at the beginning of the next hour. The problem with this method is that it would cause a great deal of server load at the beginning of each hour followed by reduced server load at the end of the hour which blows the whole point of TwitJail which is to balance server load!
  2. Whenever you send a tweet it checks how many tweets you had sent in the hour before and if this number is greater than or equal to 100 it will not allow your tweet! This is the fairest way to do it and would mean that you are not kept in twitjail for too long! The major problem with the current system is that it will penalise you for sending 1 too many tweets! If you sent 99 tweets then waited a bit, you would not be penalised or put in TwitJail but sending that 100th tweet could result in you being locked up for (usually) longer than one hour! At the moment, twitjail is a punishment for using Twitter; not a control!

There should also be a way of monitoring how close you are to twitjail; if they had this then users would be able to control and moderate themselves and would also have no right to moan like I am doing now!

I have no problem with the concept of TwitJail but it needs to be run properly!

Some of you may have notice my strange tweets yesterday about suddenly falling in love with apple and saying that I was getting a mac and that I was selling all my PCs! I even went to the extent of posting a photo of me with my supposedly newly bought Mac.

If you haven’t already worked it out, yesterday was April first… Yes, it was all part of my April Fools!

There was absolutely no way i was going to turn to the dark-side that is the Mac! I have set up The Anti-Apple Society, so there is no way on earth you were going to get me to become a Mac! If you got fooled you don’t know me very well! And for all of you who think I actually have a Mac (the one in the photo I tweeted), that Mac is actually my sister, @sllungo‘s, and touching it made me feel sick!

Did you get caught out by my April Fools? What did you do for April Fools? Leave your messages in the comments!

The following Tweets are tweets describing how I made lunch on the 12th of December 2009 and about the events that occurred at this time. I apologise for the delay in making this blog post, the reason was because it took me a long time to compile the tweets and format them 🙂 Please read and enjoy

On twitter there are so many things that annoy me, and frustrate me. Many are probably quite stupid and you may not agree with some but I felt like sharing them with you with the explanation and reasoning for these things that annoy me! They are in no particular order except the order that I thought of them.

  • Not Clicking Reply
    If you don’t click reply, how will I know what you are replying to? A lot of newbies to Twitter do not realise that when you click reply it add reply data which gives you the ability to view what the tweet was replying to by clicking “in reply to…” or your applications equivalent.
  • Clicking Reply to the wrong tweet
    This is just as bad as not clicking reply. To be honest it is probably worse as it will confuse the hell out of me as I try to work out how the tweets could have been related!
  • Replying to 2 tweets in one!
    Similar problem again. I will know what part of your tweet is replying to but will get confused with the rest. Reply to each tweet individually to keep things clear and organised! It is a major problem in places where you have the ability to show conversations as it becomes confusing!
  • Not using @replies where appropriate
    If you are talking about someone and they have twitter then mention them! It is really annoying when people write the names of people who are on Twitter. The main reason for this is so that your friend will know you are talking about them but it also helps followers who don’t know your friend to find them and learn more about them!
  • Random username changes
    In my opinion, you should under no circumstances (other than changing from a ridiculously stupid username to a more relevant one) change your user name. This causes so many problems in the Twitter ecosystem! To start with, friend who don’t know you have changed username may try to contact you using the wrong username and even if they do know you have changed username it is often difficult to remember and takes some time to get used to the change; if you are used to typing one thing in order to get in contact with someone you have to unlearn this and relearn their new username. It also causes problems with Twitter Apps and Statistics. You will sometimes loose data used in some apps and cause problems with yours and other people’s statistics! View my guide on picking a good username.
  • Stupid usernames
    Stupid username just bug me! If they have no relevance and were just chosen because that was what was available then you should really pick a better username! If it is hard to remember it causes problems when I want to mention you and it gets annoying if people add numbers or “_x” for the sakes of it! For more info on getting a decent username,  view my guide on picking a good username.
  • Sending a DM when it could be made public
    DMs are designed for private chat! WHY would you DM me about things that are not private? If you can make it public then its always better that way! I hate using DM so much that I have told TweetDeck to only check it once ever half hour! You want to talk to me? You mention me! The reason I dislike DM so much is that it does not help with building a Tweet count or with Twitter statistics and it means that no one else can see the conversation and contribute!
  • Having no profile picture
    I generally identify twitter users when reading through my timelines by looking at their profile picture and if they don’t have one then it means I have to waste my time reading their username! Your picture is a big part of your identity and should be set up as soon as you get onto twitter!
  • Changing your profile pic a lot
    This can get really confusing! As I said, I use twitter pictures to identify username so if you constantly change username I have to constantly re-associate an image with your twitter account to recognise your tweets! This wastes a lot of time for me and is unnecessary! I personal think that you should pick a picture and stick with it for a few years. My profile pictures last about 3 years each!
  • Having a profile picture with more than one person
    I would like to be able to see you in your profile picture and if there is more than one person this is often not possible. It also means that if I know both pople in the photo, I would have to check who’s twitter account the tweet came from.
  • Having a profile picture that is not of your face
    As I said, I want to be able to see you. Having a picture of a celebrity or even just a random photo will not help me identify you and be able to associate with you. Even if I don’t know you it is always nice to know what the person you are talking to looks like.
  • Twibbons
    If you don’t know what a Twibbon is, it is a little icon you can put in the corner of your profile picture to support things you are interested in (companies, bands, artists, people, etc.) but I have two problems with twibbons:

    1. They can take over your picture consuming a great deal of space and obstructing the view of the person in the photo.
    2. When Twibbon saves you image back to twitter it saves a ridiculously small file so if I wanted to see something in your profile picture I would be unable to zoom in!
  • Moaning about excessive RTing
    You don’t actually have to see RTs if you don’t want to! There are a few things you can do to stop from seeing them:

    1. Unfollow the user that ReTweets too much
    2. Disable ReTweets for the user who ReTweets too much
    3. View your timeline in lists (ReTweets are stripped out of lists)
  • Saying BRB
    Twitter is not an instant messenger; I do not expect an instant reply to saying brb to me makes no difference!n If you want to make clear to the people you are talking to then use twitter the way it should be and send a public tweet saying you are going to do something! This makes so much more sense in the context of Twitter than saying brb!
  • Sending a message that should be public as an @reply
    If what you want to say to me could be relevant to more people than just me, publicly tweet it! Unless it is in the context of a conversation, tweets like telling people what you are doing should just be public!
  • Asking someone what they are doing
    It’s twitter: if someone wanted to tell you what they were doing don’t you think they would have tweeted it?
  • Leaving a space before the apostrophe in: @reply ‘s
    Just to inform you all, you don’t need a space between the @username and the ‘s! You can quite happily write “@username’s” without any problem – I even use the apostrophe for plurals on #hashtag’s (better than using a space in my opinion)!
  • Fake Twitter accounts
    Fake Twitter accounts just make it so hard to find the real person! Just because your life is not good enough for you, there is no need to go round pretending to be someone else! The worst ones are the ones who actually think they are the celebrity and try to convince others they are! Not only are they annoying and a waste of time but they often steal good usernames from the people who truly deserve them!
  • Twam (Twitter Spam)
    The amount of spam you get on twitter is just ridiculous! If you are unfortunate enough to mention any brand that’s popular at the time (to be honest, mainly Apple) you will get bombarded with tweet telling you you can get free products (iPhones and MacBooks in the case of Apple) by just clicking a link! As if life is that easy! The worst spell of Spam was the Britney Porn Spam attack which attacked millions of users of hundreds of account spamming. In this attack there was no need to tweet anything in particular to get yourself flagged up on these spambots radars they would just find and spam you!
  • General ignorance!
    General twitter ignorance is so annoying! There are so many people who don’t know the basics of twitter like how to find out what someone is replying to and always end up asking or just don’t get things. I don’t mind new people not getting thing (that’s fair enough) but people who have had twitter for a long time and just not bothered to learn or find out! Its not hard to find out all the nifty features in twitter, just play around and click everywhere!

I know we already knew this but I have yet another piece of proof that I am going crazy! I have just realised that I made 2 posts about the same thing….

I have difficulty finding time to blog about new things but somehow I managed to find the time to blog about the same thing twice 😛