I regularly view a title=”TweetStats :: for flungo” href=”http://tweetstats.com/graphs/flungo” target=”_blank”>my TweetStats which clearly show a twitter addiction if you analyse them! However last night when I was checking my FollowCost I saw something that has definetly confirmed my twitter addiction! Look at the statistics for my last 100 tweets :S

836.48 Updates per Day

836.48 Updates per Day

Almost 40,000 milliscobles which is 40 times more tweets than @Scobleizer

To view all my stats have a look at:

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The moment I got 400 followers

The moment I got 400 followers

Earlier today I was working hard to get up to 400 follower and I was successful! Took a few hours to get from 391 follower when I checked this morning to the 400 I have got now. I know 400 followers is nothing special but in my opinion it is pretty good and for me that is brilliant!

First attempt at making all the numbers round

First attempt at making all the numbers round

However after watching some videos on YouTube then rating, favouriting and commenting them my tweets had creeped up to 6,500. At this point I thought, “400 is a round number… 6500 is a nice roundish number…. If I can get my listed up to 10 and my following down to 350 I will have a nice bunch of round statistics”. I went about this is the most simplest way I could think of, un-follow 8 useless people that I was following and list myself a few times! 😀 Took a few minutes to get perfect but I did it. But then, for some reason, I decided to close the tab without having taken the screen shot and by the time I was back it had all been screwed up by one idiot that decided to follow me! 😛

Second attempt to get nice round stats

Second attempt to get nice round stats

I kept refreshing just hopping someone would un-follow and after a few minutes they had, but after this amount of time YouTube had made another 2 posts on my twitter account (YouTube Auto share is delayed by a few minutes. My dreams of having perfectly round stats was over.

However, I could just fake it:

My stats after merging my first 2 attempts together :P

My stats after merging my first 2 attempts together 😛

I know this is a bit late but I can still win something if you all vote for me today! Below are all the links to nominate me for different categories! You get one vote per category, per day (but today is the last day to vote) so vote for me in as many categories as you can!

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ReTweet Icon

ReTweet Icon

As many of you know I am addicted to twitter and to my regular #RTTime where I ReTweet the news I read on technology blogs! This can get highly annoying for my followers who are not interested in the latest tech news (but just my actual tweets) or can keep themselves up to date and just want original content!

The new ReTweet feature allows for the quick ReTweeting of messages by simply clicking the ReTweet button and confirming! Advantages over the old ReTweet style are ease of use, conformity (everyones ReTweets will look the same), you reply to the origional poster when replying and you can disable them on a per user basis! It is that last feature that is great for my followers! If my ReTweets bug you (or any users for that matter) go to their profile and disable ReTweets!

The only real issue with the new ReTweet style is that you cannot append a comment or responce to the new style ReTweets! The best solution for this would be to create another feature for “refferencing” this would be like a reply but rather than being directed to the user so that only you, them and mutual followers can see will make it a public statement (like a normal tweet) that instead of saying “in reply to…” underneath says “refferencing to…”

Note: I started writing this the day ReTweets came out. no idea why it took so long for me to finish!

Yes…. That is right….. I feel so honoured…… I was mentioned in a PocketNow Blog Post Update! It is actually such an honour as Pocketnow is one of my favorite online blogs 🙂

It was all thanks to my eBay skills by spotting something that Brandon Miniman had missed when making the blog post. Brandon Miniman posted a link to an eBay item which would appear to have been giving you the HTC HD2 two weeks earlier than anyone else but if you had read the small print at the bottom you would find it says, “PRE-ORDER ONLY(eta: ships out 2nd week of November)

I had no other choice but to report it; someone might have bought it thinking that they would be getting a good when they actually would have been conned! It was very cleaver the way it was done though; by putting it right at the bottom along with all the other “usual information that no one ever reads” it made it difficult for someone to see, even the great Brandon Miniman of Pocketnow.com Be wary of sellers like this and ALWAYS read the small print at the bottom!

With regards to the HTC HD2 that the blog post was about, if someone would be so kind to buy me one I would be more than happy to review it! 🙂

This is just going to be a quick little blog to tell you that my best friend, @MelissaAmbrose_ was inspired by me to get a blog of her own. Unfortunately she went for “blogspot” which is not one of the top blogging software but considering she wont probably blog that much so it probably will make no difference (but I hope to be proved wrong)!

Her blog can be found here and I urge you to check it out cos if her blog is popular, she will have to make blog posts! Please visit her blog and leave her comments of love 😛

I will now add her blog to my blogroll! 🙂

I may soon be selling 5 of my Google Wave domains that I have purchased but I first need an appraisal and to work out whether it is worth me keeping them or selling them. If you are interested in any of them, please leave a comment bellow. All the domains would be great for your Google Wave Bots, Extensions, Gadgets and/or Federation Protocol Site!

The domains I might sell are:

  • MyGWave.com – I expect will be the most valuable as it probably has the most wide range of uses and is short and memorable! This could be used for literally any wave app and would be good as some sort of account management site. Considering Google actually own GWave.com I expect that this would be very valuable!
  • WavePing.com – I was very luck with this as there is a feature of Google Wave that I didn’t know about when buying this which is to be able to Ping users. I initially purchased this for a robot idea that I had but this now has more value and uses.
  • TheSocialWave.com – This could also have many uses but was initially purchased as a base for a Federation Protocol version of Google Wave. This was going to be a more social version which has more of an emphasis on the social networking side which would involve making new friends and keeping in touch with old friends.
  • TheWorkingWave.com – Like TheSocialWave.com this could also have many uses but was initially purchased as a base for a Federation Protocol version of Google Wave. This was going to be designed for companies who wanted to ue wave for staff to communicate with eachother without having to set up their own Federation server.
  • TheSameWave.com – This was another site designed for a Google Wave Federation Server that I can now see having many other uses. This was designed (when I bought it) for people trying to meet new wavers. I also had the idea that wave users could set up little profiles which were searchable and/or that a web page that automatically found people who wave about similar things to you could be found.

Please note that the domains are not just limited to the descriptions and if you have any creative ideas of your own that is fantastic; I just gave the descriptions as a aid to helping you see how the domain could be used and why I believe they are valuable.

I don’t know much about the value of domains but I will do my research before selling any of these and I have had people in the past trying to sell me less valuable domains for thousands of dollars so I expect some of those domains might be worth quite a bit 🙂

All of the domains are registered with GoDaddy and I will probably use GoDaddy’s auction service to sell the domains once I have and idea of value and a few offers. I will keep anyone who makes an offer updated on the status of these domains and keep you informed.

As I said, if you are interested or have any idea of the value of these domains, leave a comment!

I finally got my Google Wave Invite today! Just to make you guy jealous, I have decided to blog my experience of receiving a Google Wave Invite! 🙂

Well receiving your Google Wave Invite is very much like receiving any other email except the subject of the email is “Your invitation to preview Google Wave” and it it from Google Wave! In my case it looked like this:

The invite to Google wave that I received.

The invite to Google wave that I received.

If you are even remotely thinking “What did you do next?” then I find that offensive! Is it not obvious and customary to accept an invitation when you receive one! So that is what I did and it could not have been more simple! I clicked the link, typed in my Google password and I was off! 😀 I was logged straight into my Google Wave account.

What I was greeted with on my first ever login!

What I was greeted with on my first ever login! (Don't ask why the navigation bars on the left are blank? They are not now... I think it may have something to do with the fact I had use Firefox to get the screenshot but I will confirm later)

I then read my 2 new messages:

The welcome message from Google (well Doctor Wave to be precise).

The welcome message from Google (well Doctor Wave to be precise).

The welcome message from Doctor Wave exapnded to use the whole screen.

The welcome message from Doctor Wave exapnded to use the whole screen.

My 8 invites for Google Wave... Who do I send them to :P

My 8 invites for Google Wave... Who do I send them to 😛

And that was my first experience of Google Wave! I did have a little play around afterwards and will make some more blogs about Google Wave later! But if you are so jealous and really want an invite, watch this space as I will be running a twitter competition to get 3 of my 8 beautiful invites! 😛 🙂

Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
My feelin’s can’t describe it
Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
And I just cannot hide it

Google Wave, the app of my dreams
The one and only true love or at least it seems
With a blue skin and a white background
It’s just the way it looks at me, that gentle lovin’ stare

Finally you come along
The way I feel about you it just can’t be wrong
If you only knew the way I feel about you
I just can’t describe it oh no no

If you couldn’t guess from my really, quite awful parody of Finally by CeCe Peniston, which only had the odd word changed; I finally received my Google Wave invite! I don’t know if it had anything to do with the constant emails I sent Google or the ranting blog post I made but I am finally a user of Google Wave! I have already accepted and had a little play with the application and will be blogging the Invite Experience soon!

The invite to Google wave that I received.

The invite to Google wave that I received.

Yes… You heard me correctly! I want a Blu-Ray Burner that sucks!

No… I don’t one that’s is inadequate or objectionable!

I want a Blu-Ray drive that sucks, like how the PS3 one sucks in the Blu-Ray disk and how the Wii sucks in the DVDs! I have a DVD drive that sucks but I now want a Blu-Ray drive that sucks for my new PC! If anyone can help me find one I would really appreciate it!

Here are my requirements:

  • Needs to play and write Blu-Ray Disks with a minimum of Dual Layer burning capabilities
  • Needs to be silver (or have a faceplate that can be changed to silver)
  • Needs to be cheap
  • Needs to be of the standard 5.25″ form factor
  • Would be nice if it had a blue LED glow like the Wii 😛 but that’s not important!

Please leave your comments with advice and ideas of what I should get!