Screen protectors – they are one accessory everyone should have for their phone but that many don’t. Although they seem like a great idea, many people don’t invest in one and I think one of the big reasons is that most of them last anywhere from a day to a few weeks, or even maybe a few months if you are lucky.

The problem is that the screen protectors that you pick up off ebay or on those high street phone accessory stands is that they are designed to be cheap and disposable. But with that design, you end up having to get a whole bunch of them just so you can keep some handy and replace them as soon as the previous one starts peeling. By the time you have kept your protected for a whole year you have had to purchase so many that you have spent twice as much as you would on a decent screen protector – not to mentioned wasted hours, positioning and pushing out those bubbles.

About 5 years ago I discovered that spending a little more on the screen protector meant that you got a screen protector that could last well over a year. Not only that, however, there are a few companies offering “Lifetime Guarantee”. My first of these higher quality screen protectors was from a company called Clear Protector (who seem to have since rebranded as zNitro). With these companies what you get is a high quality screen protector that should last the lifetime of your phone in less harsh conditions but also a guarantee that if it bubbles, scratches or peels away over time that you can get a replacement. I should say that it is important to check the fine print when it comes to this as different companies could have different things they cover and even different definitions of the word “lifetime”.

"Bubbles? Send it back - Scratches? Send it Back - Trouble with fitting? Send it back." — ExpertShield

“Bubbles? Send it back – Scratches? Send it Back – Trouble with fitting? Send it back.” — Expert Shield

My recent experiences have been with the company known as Expert Shield and this is who I would recommend if you’re looking for a screen protector in the UK or US. To start with Expert Shield aren’t one of these companies who have a great guaranty service, but don’t advertise it: there are a few companies that offer such lifetime guarantees, but this information is buried in the fine prints of their site and although this can be found when you do a google search and is essentially only offered for those looking for this feature. Expert Shield not only makes the fact they have a lifetime guarantee, but what the details of it are clear on the homepage. Not only are they willing to offer a replacement for bubbles and scratches, but it even covers difficulty when fitting. This shows the companies confidence that the product will last and that installation is simple.

Beyond the product and the guarantee provided, the Expert Shield support team have been of great help on numerous occasions with product queries and the such. The company was set up through the frustration with screen protectors similar to what I had experienced in the past and provide the solution with a personal experience. I have always been answered with a human response and not any of those pre-canned messages and even had the nice touch of having a hand written thank you from the team on a compliments slip and two large microfibre cloths thrown in on my first order of 4 screen protectors (for all the family). And you’ll even find (throughout their website and on their packaging) that they really do have a sense of humor which always making using a product or service more enjoyable.

Front side of the Expert Shield packaging

Front side of the Expert Shield packaging

The products are well packaged in a simple, yet premium looking, cardboard sleeve advertising the main product points and re-emphasising their lifetime guarantee. On the reverse you have all the instructions you will need to install the protector and inside the packet you have included a small microfibre cloth (with their company logo embossed in the corner) as well as (of course) the screen protector itself. The screen protector is a rigid sheet of plastic that stops bubbles and creases in transit and that peels back for easy application.

Application of the screen protector is similar to that of the cheaper screen protectors I have purchased where it is a two step process of peeling the backing film as you apply, then peeling the front film once aligned and all bubbles removed. This is probably the simplest form of application and although on my first purchase I was a little worried about how easy it would be to apply without bubbles, with a clean screen and a low dust environment this is a breeze. The Clear Protector I had previously had a slightly more complex installation process involving soaking the protector in a bowl of soapy water which allowed the protector to slide into place over the screen. Although I would say that the latter was a better method for getting in the right spot and removing bubbles it did have the major disadvantage of require you leave your phone for 24 hours for the liquid between the protector and your device to evaporate and of course the anxious feeling you get as you place a soapy screen protector on top of your not-so-waterproof phone. Each method has their pros and cons but method employed by Expert Shield is simple, quick and gets the job done. In order to get the bubbles out you can use a ruler or debit card to push these to and off the edge.

The biggest issue you will have is if dust gets caught underneath: hence why you should make sure the screen is perfectly clean before you start and try to do this in an environment with little dust floating in the air. Expert Shield say that one of the best environments is a slightly steamy bathroom works great (I can only assume something to do with the hotter steamy air making the dust particles rise rather than fall straight onto your screen).

Now the big question is, “They give me this lifetime guarantee but when I need to claim on it, how much hard work and bureaucracy am I going to have to go through to get this?”. Well if my experience is any answer to the question at hand, then I can assure you that when I recently contacted them about getting a replacement (after a year one corner had flicked up while putting the phone in a snug case and a small bit of dirt then flew under causing a little bubble and for the peeling corner to not adhere back down again so well) and the process was as simple as letting them know which screen protector I had the issue with then confirming the postal address for the new shield to be sent out to.

For me Expert Shield is the only choice when I get a new device and have recently been disappointed by the fact they don’t have a screen protector for my Moto 360 watch, but I am happy to vouch for the quality of their products, the standard of their services and the pleasant experiences I have had with them. Although

Disclaimer: This post is based off my own opinions and experiences with the company Expert Shield, this is not a paid for or sponsored post and although I recommend Expert Shield, there are other alternatives available many of which offer similar services for a similar price point.