On twitter there are so many things that annoy me, and frustrate me. Many are probably quite stupid and you may not agree with some but I felt like sharing them with you with the explanation and reasoning for these things that annoy me! They are in no particular order except the order that I thought of them.

  • Not Clicking Reply
    If you don’t click reply, how will I know what you are replying to? A lot of newbies to Twitter do not realise that when you click reply it add reply data which gives you the ability to view what the tweet was replying to by clicking “in reply to…” or your applications equivalent.
  • Clicking Reply to the wrong tweet
    This is just as bad as not clicking reply. To be honest it is probably worse as it will confuse the hell out of me as I try to work out how the tweets could have been related!
  • Replying to 2 tweets in one!
    Similar problem again. I will know what part of your tweet is replying to but will get confused with the rest. Reply to each tweet individually to keep things clear and organised! It is a major problem in places where you have the ability to show conversations as it becomes confusing!
  • Not using @replies where appropriate
    If you are talking about someone and they have twitter then mention them! It is really annoying when people write the names of people who are on Twitter. The main reason for this is so that your friend will know you are talking about them but it also helps followers who don’t know your friend to find them and learn more about them!
  • Random username changes
    In my opinion, you should under no circumstances (other than changing from a ridiculously stupid username to a more relevant one) change your user name. This causes so many problems in the Twitter ecosystem! To start with, friend who don’t know you have changed username may try to contact you using the wrong username and even if they do know you have changed username it is often difficult to remember and takes some time to get used to the change; if you are used to typing one thing in order to get in contact with someone you have to unlearn this and relearn their new username. It also causes problems with Twitter Apps and Statistics. You will sometimes loose data used in some apps and cause problems with yours and other people’s statistics! View my guide on picking a good username.
  • Stupid usernames
    Stupid username just bug me! If they have no relevance and were just chosen because that was what was available then you should really pick a better username! If it is hard to remember it causes problems when I want to mention you and it gets annoying if people add numbers or “_x” for the sakes of it! For more info on getting a decent username,  view my guide on picking a good username.
  • Sending a DM when it could be made public
    DMs are designed for private chat! WHY would you DM me about things that are not private? If you can make it public then its always better that way! I hate using DM so much that I have told TweetDeck to only check it once ever half hour! You want to talk to me? You mention me! The reason I dislike DM so much is that it does not help with building a Tweet count or with Twitter statistics and it means that no one else can see the conversation and contribute!
  • Having no profile picture
    I generally identify twitter users when reading through my timelines by looking at their profile picture and if they don’t have one then it means I have to waste my time reading their username! Your picture is a big part of your identity and should be set up as soon as you get onto twitter!
  • Changing your profile pic a lot
    This can get really confusing! As I said, I use twitter pictures to identify username so if you constantly change username I have to constantly re-associate an image with your twitter account to recognise your tweets! This wastes a lot of time for me and is unnecessary! I personal think that you should pick a picture and stick with it for a few years. My profile pictures last about 3 years each!
  • Having a profile picture with more than one person
    I would like to be able to see you in your profile picture and if there is more than one person this is often not possible. It also means that if I know both pople in the photo, I would have to check who’s twitter account the tweet came from.
  • Having a profile picture that is not of your face
    As I said, I want to be able to see you. Having a picture of a celebrity or even just a random photo will not help me identify you and be able to associate with you. Even if I don’t know you it is always nice to know what the person you are talking to looks like.
  • Twibbons
    If you don’t know what a Twibbon is, it is a little icon you can put in the corner of your profile picture to support things you are interested in (companies, bands, artists, people, etc.) but I have two problems with twibbons:

    1. They can take over your picture consuming a great deal of space and obstructing the view of the person in the photo.
    2. When Twibbon saves you image back to twitter it saves a ridiculously small file so if I wanted to see something in your profile picture I would be unable to zoom in!
  • Moaning about excessive RTing
    You don’t actually have to see RTs if you don’t want to! There are a few things you can do to stop from seeing them:

    1. Unfollow the user that ReTweets too much
    2. Disable ReTweets for the user who ReTweets too much
    3. View your timeline in lists (ReTweets are stripped out of lists)
  • Saying BRB
    Twitter is not an instant messenger; I do not expect an instant reply to saying brb to me makes no difference!n If you want to make clear to the people you are talking to then use twitter the way it should be and send a public tweet saying you are going to do something! This makes so much more sense in the context of Twitter than saying brb!
  • Sending a message that should be public as an @reply
    If what you want to say to me could be relevant to more people than just me, publicly tweet it! Unless it is in the context of a conversation, tweets like telling people what you are doing should just be public!
  • Asking someone what they are doing
    It’s twitter: if someone wanted to tell you what they were doing don’t you think they would have tweeted it?
  • Leaving a space before the apostrophe in: @reply ‘s
    Just to inform you all, you don’t need a space between the @username and the ‘s! You can quite happily write “@username’s” without any problem – I even use the apostrophe for plurals on #hashtag’s (better than using a space in my opinion)!
  • Fake Twitter accounts
    Fake Twitter accounts just make it so hard to find the real person! Just because your life is not good enough for you, there is no need to go round pretending to be someone else! The worst ones are the ones who actually think they are the celebrity and try to convince others they are! Not only are they annoying and a waste of time but they often steal good usernames from the people who truly deserve them!
  • Twam (Twitter Spam)
    The amount of spam you get on twitter is just ridiculous! If you are unfortunate enough to mention any brand that’s popular at the time (to be honest, mainly Apple) you will get bombarded with tweet telling you you can get free products (iPhones and MacBooks in the case of Apple) by just clicking a link! As if life is that easy! The worst spell of Spam was the Britney Porn Spam attack which attacked millions of users of hundreds of account spamming. In this attack there was no need to tweet anything in particular to get yourself flagged up on these spambots radars they would just find and spam you!
  • General ignorance!
    General twitter ignorance is so annoying! There are so many people who don’t know the basics of twitter like how to find out what someone is replying to and always end up asking or just don’t get things. I don’t mind new people not getting thing (that’s fair enough) but people who have had twitter for a long time and just not bothered to learn or find out! Its not hard to find out all the nifty features in twitter, just play around and click everywhere!

There is this big thing on Facebook about the lack of a dislike button. A countless number of groups have been set up protesting for the button to be introduced but Facebook has not yet taken note of this. Presumably the reason behind this is because they fear that the button my be used inappropriately in an offensive way and promote bullying, however there are also many situations where the like button can be used for this same purpose! In certain circumstances, a dislike button is the button that should be clicked. Look at this example that I mocked up:

The like button used for bad

The like button used for bad

If people want to be offensive and abusive to other people, they don’t need a Dislike button to do it! They will just write it in the comments so if this is the reason that a Dislike button does not exist then it is stupid!

Dislike buttons are also used widely on other websites but in a slightly different way; many forums will have a Karma system where you can like or dislike comments giving the comment an overall karma rating. An obvious example of somewhere that something like this is used is on YouTube:

The first dislike I could find on the first Featured video I could find on YouTube!

The first dislike I could find on the first Featured video I could find on YouTube!

I totally agree that the Dislike button should be introduced and believe it would be good for Facebook. If Facebook is not introducing the dislike button for another reason or you don’t agree with what I have said, please inform me in the comments!

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The most common question I get asked by friends who are slowly coming round to using the micro-blogging service, Twitter, is “How do I get more followers?” When asked last week by @CiaraJudge I realised it was a lot of effort explaining my tips to everyone so then decided to create this blog post as  something I can just link to and send to those who ask me in the future and as a guide for those of you who might stumble upon it. 🙂

Here are the basic ways to get more follower with detailed descriptions explaing how each of them will help you gain twitter followers:

  1. Sign up for Twitter
    This may seem very obvious and that is because it is, but if you dont have a twitter accont you cant get followers! If you are reading this I would presume you have twitter but if you dont this is my moment to inspire you to get twitter and here are my words of inspiration: “I use Twitter 😛 lol”
    Another reason I have mentioned signing up for twitter is because as soon as you sign up for twitter bots will find you and start adding you. Although these bots are not real people and will not interact with you, the do bump up your follower count and there is no complaining about that! However, a word of warning about these bots, you will get followed by a lot of spam accounts that follow you in the hop you will notice and look on their profiles, these profiles then link to pornography and other material you may not want to see!
  2. Do not Protect your Tweets
    Although making your twitter account private will put you at a lower risk of receiving spam messages and keeps your info private, you wont gain any followers by doing that. By making your profile private it limits some of the methods that are listed below for gaining followers and will not help if you aspire to have a huge following.
  3. Tweet
    This has got to be the most simple and easy way of gaining followers. It is as simple as just tweeting. However, most people will not understand how tweeting could increase your following. There are a lot of people (as well as bots) on twitter that will spend their time in the search, looking for other users who tweet about their interests. The more you tweet the more chance you have of a person or bot following you. Another thing about your tweets is that you should be broad and not just tweet about one topic; by tweeting about many topics it makes your twitter account available to a wider audience! It really is that simple. In my time on twitter I have notice an approximate, 1:20 follower:updates ratio, however this will not be precise, and will vary!
    This is one of the steps that wont make any difference if you have a private account; if you account is private, people cannot find your tweets in the public time line when searching!
  4. Find/Follow Friends
    If you find people you know in real life on twitter, it is very likely they will follow you back. That is a fairly quick and simple way of getting followers. There are many ways to find people you know on twitter:

    • Search for User’s by name on the Find on Twitter page
    • Search for User’s who you have in your email on the Find on other networks page
    • Find users who have lists of users who you know (i.e. A list that has been made for your school or place of work – if such exists, ensure that you are on the list as this will increase your publicity to other twitterers)
    • Try asking people you have already found on twitter, which other mutual friends have twitter
  5. Find/Follow twitterers of interest to you
    Using the the Find on Twitter page, find people/companies which you know and use and would be interested in the tweets of. A lot of twitter accounts have forms of auto-follow which will automatically follow those who start following it. When you follow those accounts your following will obviously rise. It will also make you more exposed to twitter bots who might crawl the follower of popular people to find more people to follow themselves thus increasing your following. Following more people may also help with some of the other steps that I recommend.
  6. Invite Friends
    Inviting friends to twitter is a great way of helping the twitter community grow and it will also gain you more followers! If you invite someone to twitter they should follow you back and this will increase your following.
  7. Reply to those you follow
    By replying to people you follow, they may see your tweet and start a conversation with you. From this point you should try and find common interest so that the person you are talking to think it would be a good idea to follow you.
    Doing this will also increase your tweet count and help in the same way that Tweeting helps. It will also allow people searching for people who send messages to that user to find you.
  8. ReTweet those you follow
    ReTweeting is not the most effective way of getting follower but it can help and depending on which type of RT you use, will affect how it will help you:

    • New Style RTing: This is when you use the ReTweet button on twitter and it displays you ReTweet to your followers as if they were following the original poster.
      By using this style of RTing, other users will be able to find and follow your account if they click to see who has been ReTweeting a certain post. It is rare that another user will do this (hence why this may not be the most effective way of getting followers) however if a user wanted to find other tweeters who liked (and ReTweeted) the same post as them they may click this and follow you.
    • Classic RTing: This is when you copy the tweet and appending the suffix “RT @username:” replacing @username with the original poster.
      For the purpose of gaining followers this method would be more effect as it will be counted as a tweet on your account and will make it available in search allowing users to find you in the same way discussed in tip 4.
  9. Search on Twitter
    In the same way that I said people will search for tweet matching their intrest, you can do the same. By searching a particular term that interests you, you can find other people to start conversations with and to follow. This will often result in the other user following you back. A good example of something to search for would be musical artists that you may like, you are very likely to find other people on Twitter who like the same artist that you can talk to.
  10. Use Hashtags & Trending Topics
    Be using Trending Topics or popular hashtags you can increase the chance of your tweet being found when other user search. Trending topics and popular hashtags will be searched more often than just general terms. If you use of the hashtag or trending topic catches the attention of one of the people searching it, then they may reply, opening the opportunity to gain a new follower.
    UPDATE: If you are wondering what a Popular hashtag might include, it would include hashtags like #FollowFriday, #MusicMonday, #iwish, #nowplaying, # and #fail. You might also be able to find inspiration from What the Hashtag?!

I may elaborate on this in the future as I did rush this post towards the end but for now, those are a few quick steps to getting more followers 🙂

Have you noticed recently that on the odd page load, twitter might look a bit strange? I managed to capture one screenshot… let’s see if you can spot what has happened? The bug is subtle but many have noticed it while using twitter as I have seen other people tweeting about it.

Can you spot it? I have cropped quite a bit off so it should make it eas :P

Can you spot it? I have cropped quite a bit off so it should make it eas 😛

You should be able to spot it as it appears on every tweet shown but let me get rid of all but one to make it a bit easier if you are still struggling and to make it EVEN easier I will put it side by side with what the tweet should look like. How about now:

Come on... If you cannot see it you must be blind! :P

Come on... If you cannot see it you must be blind! 😛

If you still have not spotted it then (no offence) but you must be blind 😛 lol! Let me make it VERY obvious!

If you really did not notice it, here is the answer :P

If you really did not notice it, here is the answer 😛

Yes that is right! Twitter is implementing Italian as one of their next languages! This is a major step for twitter as it will now mean that people living in Europe will soon get twitter in their local language and mean that the use of twitter within Europe will therefore grow! Had I actually done my research before posting this I would have know that twitter have launched Twitter in Italian, Spanish and French! But this was a glitch that I spotted 😛 And there was me thinking twitter we secretly testing Italian and had a glitch every now and then that sent it to everyone! 🙁

I just did a random search on Google (can’t remember what for) and discovered a nifty new feature! If you search for the user name of someone on twitter on Google, then Google will recognise this and automatically add a box at the top for a select few of the user’s most recent tweets of that user. Here is a screenshot of when you search for flungo on Google:

A search for "flungo" on Google

A search for "flungo" on Google

As you can see it will only show two updates and these updates may not necessarily be the 2 most recent. After being amazed by just the fact tweet were appearing on twitter, I noticed that there was a link that said, “Pause” and to me this implied that search was live! I tried testing this by making some for some reason (which I am yet to discover – if you know please comment) some of my tweets were omitted even after refreshing and these tweets never appeared on this page; Google must be using some sort of filtering to try and offer the most reliable tweets.

Rather than messily extending down the page (which would be inconvenient for those who don’t wish to use this feature) when the page starts to load more tweets and updates, Google shows them but limits the size of the area, and adds a nice little scroll bar if it exceeds that area. An example of this is bellow when @MOn321 sent me a tweet. 😛

Search for "flungo" on Google

Search for "flungo" on Google

Even though not all tweets are show, you can view more tweets by clicking, “Latest updates for…”. By clicking this you will get a live search page that searches for you query:

"Latest results for flungo" on Google

"Latest results for flungo" on Google

This view will display any tweets that contain your query. This view is accessible from any search (even if Google does not automatically show the updates on your main search) by clicking, “Show options…” at the top of the search then selecting “Updates” from the list of search types.

I then decided to search for something that may find a few more results so I did a search for something that has been in the news for quite a while, “Tiger Woods“. Although the Latest Results did not appear at the top of the page it did appear but further down the page. It must use a similar ranking system to when positioning result in accordance to relevance. When I scrolled down, I instantly notice that the update was definitely live with updates coming in every few seconds and that this feature was not just limited Twitter; news sites and other sites that constantly have updates posted at a very fast rate were also being loaded in real time!

Search for "Tiger Woods" on  Google

Search for "Tiger Woods" on Google

Updates found on Google for Tiger Woods over a 15 minute period.

Updates found on Google for Tiger Woods over a 15 minute period (click to view full image)

To just see the sheer number of tweets that it could build up I left the page searching for “Tiger Woods” for a little while (it ended up being approximately 15 minutes). Google ended up finding so many results that the screenshot is almost 6000 pixels long. For this reason, I am displaying just a thumbnail of the photo on the right however you can click to vie the whole picture 🙂

Overall this looks like a very powerful tool and a step in the correct direction for real-time search for one of the world largest search engines!

Yes that is right, I have 10 Google Wave invites to give away but to get your invite you must decipher the code bellow and follow the simple instructions:

Decipher this code to win your Google Wave account!

Decipher this code to win your Google Wave account!

I hope you enjoy this little challenge I have set you! Pleas share the challenge with friends and have fun solving it! If you recognise the encryption this should not take more than 5 minutes to solve! 🙂

Winner 1: And the first winner was….. @andy4321! Congratulations to him for decrypting the puzzle!

I regularly view a title=”TweetStats :: for flungo” href=”http://tweetstats.com/graphs/flungo” target=”_blank”>my TweetStats which clearly show a twitter addiction if you analyse them! However last night when I was checking my FollowCost I saw something that has definetly confirmed my twitter addiction! Look at the statistics for my last 100 tweets :S

836.48 Updates per Day

836.48 Updates per Day

Almost 40,000 milliscobles which is 40 times more tweets than @Scobleizer

To view all my stats have a look at:

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Is anybody else getting a load of spam today about some porn? I keep getting this message on twitter:

“@flungo Britney Fucked By A Big Dick, Come See Celeb XXX Videos (Click the link at top right of my profile)”

They are all from different users so just blocking doesn’t work. They must all be coming from the same IP address so surely twitter can block that IP and have rid of this annoying spam?

If not then I have thought of a cleaver idea to stop this. All of the spam uses the same profile picture so using PHP tools it would be possible to check the users image to see if it matches the spammers. I know it is possible but to actually code this I would have to do some research as I am no PHP expert.

However the major flaw with this is that it will take a lot of processing power to monitor every account’s new profile picture using this method. Could Twitter please do something about this? Spam is really the only annoying thing about twitter!

This is a quick little blog post to explain  the basics of Twitter lists. Twitter lists are a new feature from twitter that allows you to organise twitter accounts and create customised timelines. Any user will be able to create a list (when  it is fully distributed and out of BETA) can create or follow a list. Lists will be hosted under the creators twitter account (for example, if I was to create a list called “My Twitter Accounts” it would be found at @flungo/my-twitter-accounts) and is accessible to anyone with the lists feature everybody. I have tested this and you can link to lists directly from tweets and

Twitter lists are simple to create

The main advantage of lists that I can think of are that:

  • It can make it easy for new users to twitter to easily start using the service and finding users that fit into categories they are interested in
  • Users can organise followers
  • Users can clear their main timeline from tweeters that they may deem less important
  • Non-registered users can find lists they like and view them without having to sign-up to twitter (but why wouldn’t you want to sign-up?)


I have had this blog post ready almost since the day I got Google Wave however the Google Wave Embed API used to crash a lot so I never posted it! It seems stable enough now so here it is:

For all you people out there who are not as privileged as I and do not have a Google Wave account, I have embedded the welcome message for you to read and watch the video in. Just so that all you people without Google Wave feel just a little bit more jealous and envious of me and so that your yearning to get a Google Wave Account increases to a level which you will not be able to contain!

[wave id=”googlewave.com!w+wdz7WracI” color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#ffffff” /]

Incase the links dont work this is the wave for “Getting started with Google Wave”

[wave id=”googlewave.com!w+wdz7WracC” color=”000000″ bgcolor=”ffffff” /]

And this is for “When to use Google Wave”

[wave id=”googlewave.com!w+2BtJWddiKEA” color=”000000″ bgcolor=”ffffff” /]

Finally for “Google Wave extensions”

[wave id=”googlewave.com!w+NtFv6bZk4F” color=”000000″ bgcolor=”ffffff” /]

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