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Celebrating my 100th Post!

Without even realising I have passed my 100th post here on my blog! Most of that came over the last year where my blogging really increased in terms of volume however 100 posts is actually quite small for a blog and this is due to my limited time constraints. I have really started to enjoy blogging which is something I wasn’t sure would catch on for me! I remember my very first attempts at blogging years ago on my MySpace Blog but I just couldn’t think what to blog about! I now have the problem I have too much to blog about and not enough time to write and put together the blogs!

I think the major reason for my interest in blogging since I got this blog is the fact it is my own brand/identity with my own domain and even my own short-urls! It is also thanks to WordPress which make blogging such an easy and enjoyable experience while also bringing out the web developer in me with plugins that I have started designing.

I would just like to thank all my readers over the years and to let you know that in 2011 I hope to REALLY start blogging on a regular basis with hopefully interesting and up to date content! Happy Reading!

At the moment I am currently trying to improve the standard of this blog. As a result I am going through and consolidating. I am reducing the amount of categories I have, and will then have to go through every post, recategorising and also tagging. I also hope to make sure that all the pages are finished and that the site is easier to navigate.

For these changes to happen it will take some time and there may be periods of short downtime (but hopefully not) and the blog may become a bit unorganised (with regards to categories). Not everything can happen all at once and the improvements will slowly develop. You may also find that pages might not be finished and half written while work is being one to them.

I have now integrated Flattr and the Facebook Like Button into my blog. This will allow easier sharing of the things you read on my blog as well help towards the running of my blog! The new Like button appears the top and bottom of each blog post. If you have a flattr account and want to flattr me then you can flattr my blog by using the widget in the sidebar, or flattr my posts by using the button at the bottom of each.

Dont know what Flattr is? I will be posting another blog with info about Flattr as well as giving away 3 invites to Flattr! Watch this space and subscribe to my blog for updates when I post my blogs about it!

If you would be interested in getting flattr for comments where you can earn by commenting, then please leave a comment outlining your interest bellow and it will be considered!

I got a bit bored last week and decided to look into how to make extensions for Google Chrome. After about 30 seconds of looking I realised that the basics are ridiculously easy! This lead to me making the Google Chrome extension for this blog which allows you to quickly see the latest posts and access them.

Fabrizio Lungo's Blog Chrome Extension (Version 0.4)

The extension is by no means completed or anywhere near a finished product but it is a start! There will be a lot more functionality in the future as well as a better design.

You can download the BETA of the extension now from the Google Chrome extension gallery now. You must remember that it is in BETA so functionality is limited.

I will be posting a tutorial blog showing how to make a simple extension like this to really prove how easy it is!

Sorry about my recent absence from blogging! I have been so busy at school with my GCSEs, sorting yearbook and what not that I just have not had the time to come on here and write however I do hope to make sure that this blog will be regularly updated this summer! I have lots of plans and lots of things to blog about so please wait expectantly. I am still working on finishing up the yearbook but should be able to slowly ease myself back into the blogging world!

Another thing to look out for is when I finally get my YouTube account going! I have so much video to edit and upload but I lack the processing power to do so! I have lots of reviews as well as just random videos! Whenever I upload a video it will be accompanied by a blog post and now with my HD2000 they should all be high quality, HD videos! I also have Adobe Captive 4 and may start doing a few tutorials for you guys!

To keep up to date make sure that you are subscribed to this blog and that you follow me on twitter!

When viewing this blog post, you may notice something slightly different. If you cannot work out what it is, it is that the blog is now wider! Rather than being 800 pixels wide, it is now 1024 pixels wide. This extra width gives more space for photos and videos and allows a more immersive experience when reading my blog posts. Please let me know your thoughts by commenting and taking part in this poll:

I have good news to announce! The Facebook page is now up and running and has been set up to automatically post new items onto this page! There was a bit of trouble getting this working as most Facebook WordPress Plugins would only update profiles and not pages. I eventually found the solution and this feature is now running so that you can get the latest updates from my blog on your Facebook News Feed! All you need to do is go to my page and become a fan!

As well as this, there is also a new dedicated Twitter profile for all site updates to be posted on. This provides a few advantages for the site! First of all, if you want updates from my site without all my other updates, then follow this account and blog updates is all you will get! Secondly, my main twitter account is regularly in TwitJail which makes me apprehension about blogging at these times and the update will not be posted, however with a seperate account it is near impossible for this to happen and it means that when my main account is out of TwitJail I can ReTweet the post when I am out!

Please follow the new Twitter profile and become a fan on Facebook!

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After reading a blog post that I found when it was ReTweeted by @windowsphone, I discovered the Odiogo plugin for wordpress. It is a nifty little plugin that you can install onto your wordpress blog which allows your, more lazy readers have each blog post read to them.

What you get is the standard sort of robotic voice (after a little Odiogo jingle for branding 😉 ) reading the blog post. The quality is quite good and can be very fluent at times but is nowhere near perfect. It does try and be natural but siome times the tone used is all wrong and in very logn sentences where a pause would be used even where there are no commas, the reader picks up in pace and it becomes very fast!

The main problems comes when you start having abreviations for things or non-english words (which is very often on a technology blog like this). Sometimes it will try and make the abreviations into a word rather than spelling it letter by letter and other times you get the oposite; you may have a word in capitals which it assumes is an abreviation and so reads letter by letter!

Overall the Odigio plugin is a nice feature which I will leave running but it is nowhere near perfect!

This post is designed as a way for me to test moBlog on my mobile. moBlog is a Windows Mobile program that allows you to blog remotely from your mobile. It is quite easy to set up and works with a variety of blogging services and allow you to have multiple profiles and muntiple blogs set up simultaniously!

The interface for writing blogs is in HTML but has a preview option to view the blog before uploading. The writing sceen is very simple and is literally a large text box but you do have limited formatting features which just allow you to insert the appropriate HTML tags for whatever formatting you want!

Examples of the formatting avaiable:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline

Note: Bullet points are not avaiable but I know the HTML for them and using custom HTML tags seems to work even on the preview.

The last feature provided when writing a blog is the ability to insert pictures. If this works you should see a stock photo from my HTC Touch Pro bellow:

As a basic bloging programme, this is acceptable but there are some major flaws which make the program difficult to work with! My main issue is when you try to write a blog or use the software in landscape. Th way the screen reorganises is impractical and require lots of scrolling to navigate. Rather than resizing the input and preview boxes to a 480 x 640 screen, it simply adjusts the width for 640 keeping the height as it is when in portrait mode. This result in the software being appropriate for a 640 x 640 screen and since this does not fit on the screen, a second scroll bar is added so that you can navigate the larger area. So that this makes more sense I will upload some screenshots late 🙂

Although the formatting options are limited they are much greater than those offered by my alternative which is by using the browser and full sized WP admin panel. The advantage of using the WP admin panel is that although the WYSIWYG does not work in Opera Mobile 10, it is better than the preview in moBlogs as it shows a more precise representation of what the output will actually looks like! For example, in WordPress, I have notice that using line breaks in the HTML view results in a line break in the output however the preview in moBlog does not acount for this.

Another disadvantage of moBlog is that it is not very user friendly. It uses a basic Windows CE design and is not as asthetically pleasing as using the online interface.

Overall I would not recomend moBlog forf the mobile blogger as it just doesn’t provide all the nessasary features required by a blogger today.

Before now you have been able to subscribe to me on twitter, however when doing this, you would get ALL of my updates and this was not convenient for those who were only interested in updates from my blog or to use the twitter subscription, purely as a way of subscribing to the blog. You can now follow @flungoBlog on twitter to get the latest updates from my blog. There has also now been a Facebook page set up which will also host links to new blog posts.

This now provides readers with 4 ways to subscribe to this blog:

The Facebook page and Twitter Page will not have updates posted for a month or more, but feel free to subscribe via either of those methods!

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