I have now integrated Flattr and the Facebook Like Button into my blog. This will allow easier sharing of the things you read on my blog as well help towards the running of my blog! The new Like button appears the top and bottom of each blog post. If you have a flattr account and want to flattr me then you can flattr my blog by using the widget in the sidebar, or flattr my posts by using the button at the bottom of each.

Dont know what Flattr is? I will be posting another blog with info about Flattr as well as giving away 3 invites to Flattr! Watch this space and subscribe to my blog for updates when I post my blogs about it!

If you would be interested in getting flattr for comments where you can earn by commenting, then please leave a comment outlining your interest bellow and it will be considered!

I have good news to announce! The Facebook page is now up and running and has been set up to automatically post new items onto this page! There was a bit of trouble getting this working as most Facebook WordPress Plugins would only update profiles and not pages. I eventually found the solution and this feature is now running so that you can get the latest updates from my blog on your Facebook News Feed! All you need to do is go to my page and become a fan!

As well as this, there is also a new dedicated Twitter profile for all site updates to be posted on. This provides a few advantages for the site! First of all, if you want updates from my site without all my other updates, then follow this account and blog updates is all you will get! Secondly, my main twitter account is regularly in TwitJail which makes me apprehension about blogging at these times and the update will not be posted, however with a seperate account it is near impossible for this to happen and it means that when my main account is out of TwitJail I can ReTweet the post when I am out!

Please follow the new Twitter profile and become a fan on Facebook!

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Before now you have been able to subscribe to me on twitter, however when doing this, you would get ALL of my updates and this was not convenient for those who were only interested in updates from my blog or to use the twitter subscription, purely as a way of subscribing to the blog. You can now follow @flungoBlog on twitter to get the latest updates from my blog. There has also now been a Facebook page set up which will also host links to new blog posts.

This now provides readers with 4 ways to subscribe to this blog:

The Facebook page and Twitter Page will not have updates posted for a month or more, but feel free to subscribe via either of those methods!

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There is this big thing on Facebook about the lack of a dislike button. A countless number of groups have been set up protesting for the button to be introduced but Facebook has not yet taken note of this. Presumably the reason behind this is because they fear that the button my be used inappropriately in an offensive way and promote bullying, however there are also many situations where the like button can be used for this same purpose! In certain circumstances, a dislike button is the button that should be clicked. Look at this example that I mocked up:

The like button used for bad

The like button used for bad

If people want to be offensive and abusive to other people, they don’t need a Dislike button to do it! They will just write it in the comments so if this is the reason that a Dislike button does not exist then it is stupid!

Dislike buttons are also used widely on other websites but in a slightly different way; many forums will have a Karma system where you can like or dislike comments giving the comment an overall karma rating. An obvious example of somewhere that something like this is used is on YouTube:

The first dislike I could find on the first Featured video I could find on YouTube!

The first dislike I could find on the first Featured video I could find on YouTube!

I totally agree that the Dislike button should be introduced and believe it would be good for Facebook. If Facebook is not introducing the dislike button for another reason or you don’t agree with what I have said, please inform me in the comments!

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