I got a bit bored last week and decided to look into how to make extensions for Google Chrome. After about 30 seconds of looking I realised that the basics are ridiculously easy! This lead to me making the Google Chrome extension for this blog which allows you to quickly see the latest posts and access them.

Fabrizio Lungo's Blog Chrome Extension (Version 0.4)

The extension is by no means completed or anywhere near a finished product but it is a start! There will be a lot more functionality in the future as well as a better design.

You can download the BETA of the extension now from the Google Chrome extension gallery now. You must remember that it is in BETA so functionality is limited.

I will be posting a tutorial blog showing how to make a simple extension like this to really prove how easy it is!

This is just a quick little blog post to get me back into my blogging. I just did a test using SunSpider on an (admitedly) not very powerful computer and got some interesting results! Both Firefox and Chrome were tested on the same computer to make it fair and just look how much faster Google Chrome was!

SunSpider JavaScript benchmark result comparison from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome.

SunSpider JavaScript benchmark result comparison from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome. Click to view in full size!

It was overall, 6.22 times faster than Mozilla Firefox! This shows that Google has gone to allot of effort to increase the speed at which JS is handled. For a more in-depth look at my results, here are the links to each:

I will be posting some more tests that I run in the near future to see if I get the same results on different computers and then do a full analysis of my results! Watch this space…

Oh and if you want to get Google Chrome after seeing these results, you can download it here and if you like BETA versions click here!

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Hello everyone! As you may have seen I just finished making a post and while posting there was something that struck me. The word Google is missing from my dictionary. Well, “So what? Just add it to your dictionary!” I hear you say! Well take a look at this screenshot and see if you can work out why the absence of the word Google from my dictionary puzzles me so much!

Can you spot what's strange?

Can you spot what's strange?

Yes… That is right! I a using Google Chrome! The guys at Google forgot to put Google in the English UK dictionary! You would expect that to be a word put into the dictionary as soon as possible! And then, to add to this the word Analytics is not in the dictionary!


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