Sorry about my recent absence from blogging! I have been so busy at school with my GCSEs, sorting yearbook and what not that I just have not had the time to come on here and write however I do hope to make sure that this blog will be regularly updated this summer! I have lots of plans and lots of things to blog about so please wait expectantly. I am still working on finishing up the yearbook but should be able to slowly ease myself back into the blogging world!

Another thing to look out for is when I finally get my YouTube account going! I have so much video to edit and upload but I lack the processing power to do so! I have lots of reviews as well as just random videos! Whenever I upload a video it will be accompanied by a blog post and now with my HD2000 they should all be high quality, HD videos! I also have Adobe Captive 4 and may start doing a few tutorials for you guys!

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This is a fairly recent, really short video made after testing the ramp that over the main mountain. This needed testing as we recently covered the ramp with track scatter (as you may be able to see from the video). We needed to test that the train could successfully go up the ramp without the scatter interrupting or causing problems.

Last year (as I do most years) I went to Italy in the summer and went to Mondragone (where my dad’s side of the family comes from). Whilst there, the Italian festival of Ferragosto was taking place and i took these videos of the fireworks:

These are the videos that I took at sports day 2009:

I will upload all the photos taken to my Flickr soon and post a link.

Here is a video I made for an assembly almost 2 years ago (on 28th November 2008), shortly after Barack Obama became president of the USA. It is designed to show how we have come from the dream to the reality.

Here is the original trailer for FTTGames:

It was later updated to this HD Verision:

Enjoy and check out FTTGames to play some great games!

Twitter is the latest and greatest in Social Networking, Facebook is acceptable but going downhill due to Group/Page/Application spam, however if you have MySpace you need to get yourself out of the 20th century and take some advice from the Cybermen:

I originally created this video  to support the International Delete Your Myspace Day

A basic Fight scene from the game, Heavenly Sword:

Not that I had not played this game for like 2 months before recording this video, but I still think I did pretty well 🙂

Will do more PS3 screencasts if I get a HD DVR