At the moment I am currently trying to improve the standard of this blog. As a result I am going through and consolidating. I am reducing the amount of categories I have, and will then have to go through every post, recategorising and also tagging. I also hope to make sure that all the pages are finished and that the site is easier to navigate.

For these changes to happen it will take some time and there may be periods of short downtime (but hopefully not) and the blog may become a bit unorganised (with regards to categories). Not everything can happen all at once and the improvements will slowly develop. You may also find that pages might not be finished and half written while work is being one to them.

I have now integrated Flattr and the Facebook Like Button into my blog. This will allow easier sharing of the things you read on my blog as well help towards the running of my blog! The new Like button appears the top and bottom of each blog post. If you have a flattr account and want to flattr me then you can flattr my blog by using the widget in the sidebar, or flattr my posts by using the button at the bottom of each.

Dont know what Flattr is? I will be posting another blog with info about Flattr as well as giving away 3 invites to Flattr! Watch this space and subscribe to my blog for updates when I post my blogs about it!

If you would be interested in getting flattr for comments where you can earn by commenting, then please leave a comment outlining your interest bellow and it will be considered!

When viewing this blog post, you may notice something slightly different. If you cannot work out what it is, it is that the blog is now wider! Rather than being 800 pixels wide, it is now 1024 pixels wide. This extra width gives more space for photos and videos and allows a more immersive experience when reading my blog posts. Please let me know your thoughts by commenting and taking part in this poll:

I have good news to announce! The Facebook page is now up and running and has been set up to automatically post new items onto this page! There was a bit of trouble getting this working as most Facebook WordPress Plugins would only update profiles and not pages. I eventually found the solution and this feature is now running so that you can get the latest updates from my blog on your Facebook News Feed! All you need to do is go to my page and become a fan!

As well as this, there is also a new dedicated Twitter profile for all site updates to be posted on. This provides a few advantages for the site! First of all, if you want updates from my site without all my other updates, then follow this account and blog updates is all you will get! Secondly, my main twitter account is regularly in TwitJail which makes me apprehension about blogging at these times and the update will not be posted, however with a seperate account it is near impossible for this to happen and it means that when my main account is out of TwitJail I can ReTweet the post when I am out!

Please follow the new Twitter profile and become a fan on Facebook!

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Today has been an extremely productive day here on my blog! I should be in school but thanks to the snow, I have not been in school after the first day that I returned on Tuesday. Earlier today, I was thinking about my blog and trying to think of ways to make my URL shorter so that when my tweets are ReTweeted on twitter and shared that the URL links do not take up as many characters. While pondering over this I tried to come up with some clever short URLS but everything I could think of was taken or too expensive due to an expensive TLD.

I then realised that the short URL that I should have is so simple, and has been quite obvious for quite a while. On most social networking sites,  I use the username flungo which is short, simple and appropriate to me (the ‘f’ is for Fabrizio and the ‘lungo’ is from Lungo, which when put together makes Fabrizio Lungo which is my name :P) so I purchased the domains, and (the .info one was simply because the domain was cheap) .

I have now set those domains up so that they all redirect to (which you are presumably reading this blog on) as I have already built up a lot of SEO with the current domain and do not want to loose that by having multiple domains all hosting the same blog, or by changing the default domain. I have also set up (the shortest of the 3 domains) as my URL shortening base! All tweets that are posted on my twitter account from this blog will be using that shortened URL from now on! I will also be working to integrate this into other parts of the site including with the tweetmeme plugin that is used on the site. I hope to also make short permalink available so that readers can share the blog posts with the respective short URL!

This is the first post that should be tweeted using the URL Shortener so this is actually a test post; hopefully it works 🙂

UPDATE: It appeared to tweet correctly however I have now modified the format of the tweet that is posted to make it clearer!

Hello everyone!

Today I have been working very hard on my English homework Blog. I should have been concentrating on the English but to be fair, I have now finished it! Now, back to the point of this blog. I have had a very productive day on the blog and allot of changes which (if you were the one person who looked on the site yesterday…. ehem…. @KathrynSt) you will be able to see.

The change which is probably most visible (simply as it is at the top and also a very important part of the site) is that the navbar at the top of the page now has 5 links (excluding the RSS feed link) which compared to yesterday has 2.

The about me page is still as unedited as yesterday and I don’t think I will get round to editing this until some time next week but the 3 new pages will be done by Monday (I hope).

I have already completed the main pages for the Social Widgets and Support Me sections of the site but still need to work on the sub-pages of these sections. Most of the sub-pages have been set-up but just need filling with the appropriate content. This I hope to be able to do tonight, and if it takes a bit longer than expected I will use tomorrow night as well.

Other changes I have made include changes to the sidebar. I will explain each change in the sidebar, starting from the top.

Although you may not see any change to the Categories section, there has been allot of work done to this section in the back-end. Almost 30 new categories have been made and they will slowly start appearing as I create blog posts that fall into those categories. By the end of tonight you should see 4 appear as I need to categorise some of the uncategorised blogs. Before you have a moan at me tomorrow when there are still some uncategorised blog posts, there should definitely be 4 new categories appearing. 🙂

The next change is the new section of the sidebar called, Subscribe! I actually added this section late last night so this is not an addition that I made today but I thought it was still relevant and important to mention it! This new section gives you 3 ways to keep up to date with my blog and what I am up to:

  • RSS – Although there is another button in the top right for getting to my feed, there is no harm in having it again (just in case you missed it the first time). You can use this link to find out RSS feed which can be read from many browsers and in any RSS reader of your choice that supports RSS2.0! This RSS feed gets all the new posts and will allow you to read the full story from within your RSS reader of choice. The advantage of RSS is that one RSS reader can gather feeds from all your favorite sites then put them into an easily manageable workspace! This method is also instantly updated the second a new post is made (well…. I suppose processing time for the post would have some knock on affect but it would be close enough to instant for your needs).
  • Email – Yesterday I also set up my FeedBurner account and have now linked to it with the Email icon. You can now subscribe to a daily summary of my postings via Email. This is simple to set-up and easy to use and the advantage of using this method is that the updates go straight to your inbox (or another folder if you like to Sort Your Mail using Filters). This is good for people who check their mail once or more times a day and will have time to browse all of my daily posts in succession.
  • Twitter – Like the RSS feed, this is already on this page (but you probably haven’t noticed it yet! After reading this, scroll down and spend a bit of time to look at my footer! This form of subscription (more commonly know as following) is also instant – I post a blog item and it is tweeted! My twitter will also contain allot of smaller micro-blogs telling you more about what I am up to, what I am thinking and what I am feeling. If you wanted the best of the both worlds of, Twitter and RSS, you could subscribe to both or subscribe to my Twitter RSS feed 😛

Remember that the thing with the subscription methods is that there is nothing stopping you from using all 3 of them! Go on…. you know you want to. 😀

After that you will then see the calendar (which in case you are wondering, hasn’t changed) followed by the Donate section which has had a very big change! I am still using the chip-in system but I have now designed a custom widget using Sprout Builder! If you do like my site I urge you to please donate! All donations will be appreciated and large donations will get a blog of thanks (with the donor permission, of course).

The last modification made to the sidebar today is a very simple one! I just changed the limit of the amount of ads that can be displayed from 1 to 3! Oh and not forgetting that I have also linked and written the page explaining how to get your ads in that section by Sponsoring This Site!

Just as a friendly reminder, the Support Me page has been started so to find great ways to help keep this site going that could cost you anything from £0/$0/€0 (Alright…. it might cost you a bit of time, but that is it)!

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