A little bit late but all my blog posts are late at the moment! Since this is late I will make this post about twitter lists as quick as I can! If you have not seen this new feature on twitter, a list is basically a group which you can make with a bunch of people in it and it will create another timeline for all these people. Other people can then follow these lists and you can follow other people’s lists but what is the point in lists and what can you use them for?

For the person making the list there are 2 main purposes (that I can see):

  • Organisation – You can organise the people you follow on twitter into groups so that it is easy to keep up to date with certain things. You may already use grouping methods in other applications and this is a brilliant way for doing the same but through the twitter website. This can also be handy when needing to find people in a certian group or when you only want to know what your friend are up to.
  • Keeping your timeline clean – I don’t know about you but I am following a lot of rubbish on twitter and it takes up so many of my API calls in applications like @TweetDeck or @PocketTwit, therefore limiting the amount of useful tweets I can see and wasting my time by making me have to skip all of the useless tweets. By using lists you can move anyone that your following into a list, then view them only when you want to. This will clean up the timeline and make it more relevant! I will definitely be doing this for all the twitter games that I am following as they tend to clog allot of my timeline for no reason; when they are in a list I can view the games when I feel like joining in!

For someone who follows twitter lists:

  • Easy updates – Say for example you liked the news, but you didn’t want to go round following every news twitter user; using lists you could find someone who has compiled a good list of news lists and then follow that. If the creator of the list maintains it then it will also mean that you don’t need to search for more twitter users in the categories you are following lists for.
  • Topic based lists – If you like a specific topic, you will be able to find the perfect list for this. Another person interested in the same things may have already made a list of Twitter users related to that interest and finding a relevant list will save you time; rather than looking for every twitter user related to a topic you like you simply find the list and if it is updated you will always be getting the latest tweets from the latest twitter users in the areas you are interested in!
  • Find Twitter users – By finding relevant lists, you do not have to follow them  but you could look at who is followed in the list and pick and chose the ones you like helping you find new and interesting people to follow.

For someone on a twitter list:

  • Wider exposure – Get your twitter viewed by more people as people view lists that include you. Even if the you are not followed due to a list, if you are followed by a list that is widely followed you will get your tweets read by many people!

I wrote this very quickly and the time where I am is 00:36am, I may improve this tomorrow 😛

UPDATE: I have added a little bit to this post but not that much…. 😛

This is just going to be a quick little blog to tell you that my best friend, @MelissaAmbrose_ was inspired by me to get a blog of her own. Unfortunately she went for “blogspot” which is not one of the top blogging software but considering she wont probably blog that much so it probably will make no difference (but I hope to be proved wrong)!

Her blog can be found here and I urge you to check it out cos if her blog is popular, she will have to make blog posts! Please visit her blog and leave her comments of love 😛

I will now add her blog to my blogroll! 🙂

UPDATE: Also see an updated blog with an alternative method.

This is a quick blog explaining how you can use Yahoo Pipes and twitterfeed.com to automatically RT tweets from another account! The pipe used in this tutorial will be the first of many pipes that I Have designed that will appear on Twitter-Pipes.com which should be set up soon.

This pipe is designed to take any twitter feed then convert it for use on twitter feed for the purpose of automatically RTing another accounts tweets. This pipe automatically turns the tweet into a RT so that when it is posted the original author is given credit.

The first step required is to get the Twitter Feed URL. To do this, go to the twitter profile you wish to AutoRT then find where it says ‘RSS feed of flungo’s tweets‘ (with the user name changed for the whichever profile you are viewing). If you are having difficulty finding this link, view the screenshot bellow:

Image showing the location of the Twitter feed on a Twitter profile.

Screenshot showing the location of the Twitter feed on a Twitter profile.

Once you have found this link there are 2 ways to get the Twitter Feed URL. If you are using a modern browser (like Google Chome or Mozilla Firefox) you can right click and you should be able to find something like ‘Copy Link Address’ or ‘Copy Link Location’. If you cannot do this then click the link and just copy the URL from your browser’s address bar.

Once you have this URL on your clipboard you will then have to go to the Twitter RT Feed Pipe and paste the Twitter Feed URL on your clipboard, into the Twitter Feed URL (see screenshot bellow – 1) then click ‘Run Pipe’. After the pipe has successfully run, you then need to find the link to the Pipe RSS Feed (see screenshot bellow – 2) and copy the URL as you did for the Twitter Feed URL.

Image to show where the Twitter Feed URL needs to be entered and where to find the link to the Pipe RSS Feed.

Image to show where the Twitter Feed URL needs to be entered and where to find the link to the Pipe RSS Feed.

Now that you have that link copied you need to go to twitterfeed.com. After you have logged in or registered and gone to your Dashboard you will need to click ‘Create New Feed‘. You then need to click ‘Connect your feed to your Twitter Account’ and follow the instructions to connect the feed to your twitter. One you are logged in you will need to set a ‘Feed Name’ and paste the Pipe RSS link into the ‘RSS Feed URL’ box. You will then need to configure the advanced settings as follows:

Screenshot with anootation on how the feedshould be configured within twitterfeed.

Screenshot with anootation on how the feedshould be configured within twitterfeed.

After clicking save, you should be all set-up and ready to go! 🙂

I have been trying for months to get my Google Wave account and am now starting to give up hope! The big hype about Google Wave started on the Thursday 28th May when the product was announced on Day 2 of the Google I/O event. The product was unveiled in the morning keynotes at approximately 9am and at that point the web went crazy over this product. Everyone at the event was twittering and blogging away about Google Wave and the hype began. If you have not seen the keynotes from this day or want to know more about what Google Wave is, I recommend you watch this YouTube video:

You can also find more information on Google Wave from here.

As soon as I had watched all of this video, I started my mission to get a Google Wave account! within an hour I had filled out the following forms with great detail:

At this point, I just waited…. And waited…. And waited until I could not take it and made a few stroppy tweets about how I wanted my Google Wave account ASAP! I then got a response from Christine Tsai who I believe works for Google (well she had an @google.com email so that was kind of obvious :P)

“Brilliant,”, I thought, “finally getting somewhere!”

After exchanging som DMs on Twitter we eventually started emailing and eventually the followign conclusion was made:

Hey Fabrizio,

It doesn’t look like you registered or attended Google I/O. Please note that right now, Wave sandbox accounts were only given to I/O attendees and that’s what I was checking for on Twitter. If you signed up on https://services.google.com/fb/forms/wavesignupfordev/, you’ll be notified when it’s available for you.


I though, “Fair enough,” and just kept waiting!

A couple of months later on Monday the 20th July, I got the following email:


You are being sent this mail because you requested access to the Google
Wave Developer Sandbox. If you would still like a Google Wave Developer
Sandbox account, please fill in this linked form:

http://wave.google.com/signups/signup1.html [I removed my unique code from here… Why would I share that with you? :P]

After filling in this form, you should receive a mail with your account
details within a few days.

Hope to see you on Google Wave soon,

– The Google Wave Team

I was finally close to having my Google Wave account! 😀 I eagerly filled out the form and waited a bit longer!

I presumed that Google would be swamped with accounts to set up and that it may take some time but after 6 days I tried to contact someone. Sicne then I have received no replies or any contact from Google and my account was never set up 🙁

Hopefully someone at Google finds this blog post and can get me an invite to the real google wave which is now running!

For being the first person post a legitimate comment on here, Emma has won the amazing secret prize of getting a little blog post about being the first person to comment on my site! Wow…. A truly epic prize, I know! So many thanks to Emma and I hope to be seeing more comments soon! 🙂

If you were wondering the definition of “a legitimate comment” is a comment that is not:

  • written by me
  • posted automatically
  • spam

Hello everyone!

Today I have been working very hard on my English homework Blog. I should have been concentrating on the English but to be fair, I have now finished it! Now, back to the point of this blog. I have had a very productive day on the blog and allot of changes which (if you were the one person who looked on the site yesterday…. ehem…. @KathrynSt) you will be able to see.

The change which is probably most visible (simply as it is at the top and also a very important part of the site) is that the navbar at the top of the page now has 5 links (excluding the RSS feed link) which compared to yesterday has 2.

The about me page is still as unedited as yesterday and I don’t think I will get round to editing this until some time next week but the 3 new pages will be done by Monday (I hope).

I have already completed the main pages for the Social Widgets and Support Me sections of the site but still need to work on the sub-pages of these sections. Most of the sub-pages have been set-up but just need filling with the appropriate content. This I hope to be able to do tonight, and if it takes a bit longer than expected I will use tomorrow night as well.

Other changes I have made include changes to the sidebar. I will explain each change in the sidebar, starting from the top.

Although you may not see any change to the Categories section, there has been allot of work done to this section in the back-end. Almost 30 new categories have been made and they will slowly start appearing as I create blog posts that fall into those categories. By the end of tonight you should see 4 appear as I need to categorise some of the uncategorised blogs. Before you have a moan at me tomorrow when there are still some uncategorised blog posts, there should definitely be 4 new categories appearing. 🙂

The next change is the new section of the sidebar called, Subscribe! I actually added this section late last night so this is not an addition that I made today but I thought it was still relevant and important to mention it! This new section gives you 3 ways to keep up to date with my blog and what I am up to:

  • RSS – Although there is another button in the top right for getting to my feed, there is no harm in having it again (just in case you missed it the first time). You can use this link to find out RSS feed which can be read from many browsers and in any RSS reader of your choice that supports RSS2.0! This RSS feed gets all the new posts and will allow you to read the full story from within your RSS reader of choice. The advantage of RSS is that one RSS reader can gather feeds from all your favorite sites then put them into an easily manageable workspace! This method is also instantly updated the second a new post is made (well…. I suppose processing time for the post would have some knock on affect but it would be close enough to instant for your needs).
  • Email – Yesterday I also set up my FeedBurner account and have now linked to it with the Email icon. You can now subscribe to a daily summary of my postings via Email. This is simple to set-up and easy to use and the advantage of using this method is that the updates go straight to your inbox (or another folder if you like to Sort Your Mail using Filters). This is good for people who check their mail once or more times a day and will have time to browse all of my daily posts in succession.
  • Twitter – Like the RSS feed, this is already on this page (but you probably haven’t noticed it yet! After reading this, scroll down and spend a bit of time to look at my footer! This form of subscription (more commonly know as following) is also instant – I post a blog item and it is tweeted! My twitter will also contain allot of smaller micro-blogs telling you more about what I am up to, what I am thinking and what I am feeling. If you wanted the best of the both worlds of, Twitter and RSS, you could subscribe to both or subscribe to my Twitter RSS feed 😛

Remember that the thing with the subscription methods is that there is nothing stopping you from using all 3 of them! Go on…. you know you want to. 😀

After that you will then see the calendar (which in case you are wondering, hasn’t changed) followed by the Donate section which has had a very big change! I am still using the chip-in system but I have now designed a custom widget using Sprout Builder! If you do like my site I urge you to please donate! All donations will be appreciated and large donations will get a blog of thanks (with the donor permission, of course).

The last modification made to the sidebar today is a very simple one! I just changed the limit of the amount of ads that can be displayed from 1 to 3! Oh and not forgetting that I have also linked and written the page explaining how to get your ads in that section by Sponsoring This Site!

Just as a friendly reminder, the Support Me page has been started so to find great ways to help keep this site going that could cost you anything from £0/$0/€0 (Alright…. it might cost you a bit of time, but that is it)!

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I have started to add links to my blog and have also started my blogroll which is available at the side. This contains my favourite blogs and the blogs of my favourite people on the internet! To start off with I have added ijustne, TechCrunch and pocketnow and you should be able to find my blog roll on the sidebar located to the left. 🙂

Please check out these sites and follow these guys on twitter, their twitter accounts are @ijustine, @pocketnowTweets and @TechCrunch!

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Hey everybody! Ever since I became hooked on the micro-blogging service twitter, I have thought that the obvious next step would be to set up my own personal blog!
The site where this page is hosted (fabrizio.me.uk) has for the past moths just been forwarding to my twitter and prior to that to my MySpace which I have now, thankfully deleted!
I am now going to add the “Twitter Tools” plugin which appears to be the most powerful twitter plugin for WP that i can find at the moment! I will have a quick browse for other to double check that!


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